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Regenerativemedicine is the field of medicine, though new, that covers tissueengineering and includes an examination of self-healing. Throughself-healing, the body utilizes own systems to recreate cells thataids in rebuilding body tissues and organs but at other times thebody uses the help of foreign biological particles in self-rebuilding(Lanza, 2016). The process of self-healing is a complex system offunctions that involves the cell receiving messages and responding byto the signals through interacting with their surroundingenvironment. They then organize themselves into tissues followed byorgans, a process that has been natural until recently whenresearchers have managed to manipulate such processes to heal damagedbody tissues and organs and the creation of new tissues (Mao &ampMooney, 2015). The essay analyzes the process of regenerativemedicine and recent advances in the same field.

Theprocess of regeneration takes place in two different methods, and thefirst technique begins with the body building a scaffold derived frommany sources such as proteins and plastics. The creation of scaffoldsis followed by the introduction of cells either with growth factorsor without. With the right environmental factor, tissues willdevelop. The second method involves the creation of new tissues froman existing scaffold where the cells from a donor body organ getstripped and the collagen scaffold remaining is utilized in growingthe new tissue (Mao &amp Mooney, 2015). This second technique hasbeen used in the bioengineering of liver, kidney, heart, and lungtissues. This second method has promoted advancement in the field ofmedicine where human tissues surplus after surgery can be scaffoldand combined with the cells from the patient to grow customizedorgans that the immune system will not reject. Other advancementshave been in the creation of complex body organ tissues such as lung,liver, and heart tissues (Kumar &amp Kalyanapanchakshari, 2015).

Insummary, regenerative medicine is a contemporary topic in the fieldof medicine that includes tissue engineering and self-healing. Itinvolves the body rebuilding tissues and organs through recreation ofcells. The process utilizes own body system though at times foreignmaterials helps in recreation of the cells. Body tissues and organsthat have seen advancements in the field of regenerative medicineinclude lung, liver, heart, and kidney.


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