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Religiouspluralism advocates diversity and openness between members ofdifferent religions. The United States courts have undergone majorchanges when it comes to religion. The jury including the SupremeCourt judges is nowadays comprised of members from various religiousaffiliations. This has influenced a transition from the previousnotion where the justices were believed to objectively preside overthe country’s legal system, to a point where religion plays aprominent role. There are several examples in the recent past wherereligion has played an influential role like in the Burwell v. HobbyLobby case on the provision of contraception coverage to workers.

Theexpression of Christianity has continued to be influenced byreligious pluralism, where a large percentage of Christians arewilling to declare their religious affiliations but are not ready tocompromise on some issues based on religious diversity. This wasevident during the campaign period, where significant election issueswere greatly influenced by religion and more importantlyChristianity. Abortion, same-sex marriage, and treatment of refugeseekers are some of the issues that have influenced more expressionof Christianity from leaders as well as citizens in a bid to havedecisions on this issues made in favor of their religious beliefs.This mainly due to the fact that majority of Americans are Christiansand hence greatly influence decisions on major issues, despite thecountry having the freedom of one being able to be affiliated with areligion of their choice.


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