Report Letter on Saturday`s Occurrence

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ReportLetter on Saturday’s Occurrence

Report Letter on Saturday’s Occurrence

My goal in MezCompany is to offer quality services and ensure all the customers aresatisfied. Nevertheless, on the last Saturday, I experienced aterrible discussion with the manager of Cas Company. While I wasdiligently working in the company, a client approached me and orderedfour dollies. Only three were available in the stock, and I rushed toAsiana Airline to ensure I met the client’s need. The letterdiscusses the communication the happened between me the manager ofCas Company.

After finding onedolly, the manager of Cas Company uttered bitter words towards me. Hetook photos of me and insisted that I was not authorized to pickdollies from his company. He emphasized that only individuals fromCathey and Carolux were allowed to collaborate with his company. Afterward, he yelled loudly at me and started threatening my life.The manager said he was going to chop all my fingers and kill me. Iadore peace in all my engagements. I did not confront the manager butsaid thank you, and stormed out of the company. However, I was awareof my rights, which are included in the law. Additionally, there werewitnesses who heard talks of my manager. In the case of furtherclarification, enough evidence will be acquired easily.

In order to ensuremy security was not endangered, I reported the case the police and mysupervisor. I hope after investigation and discussion over thematter, a satisfactory decision will be reached. Benefits that arisewhen two companies work together in harmony cannot be undervalued(Arenas,Sanchez, &amp Murphy, 2013). I am looking forward to awarm friendship that existed between the two companies before theincidence. In conclusion, it is my expectations that the manager atCas Company will write an apology letter and the matter resolvedimmediately.


Arenas, D.,Sanchez, P., &amp Murphy, M. (2013). Differentpaths to collaboration between businesses and civil society and therole of third parties.&nbspJournalof business ethics,&nbsp115(4),723-739.