Reproductive Organs of Males and Females

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ReproductiveOrgans of Males and Females


Thevideo on the male and female reproductive organs was located from theKhan Academy website on The video is animated and includes word descriptions of everysection covered. It starts with an introduction of the reproductiveorgans by stating that they are both in the genitals as well as someparts of the brain. Females also have their breasts as reproductiveorgans. Thus, every organ responsible for reproduction in males andfemales is combined in the reproductive system. The process ofreproduction involves the fusion of genetic material from the male inthe form of asperm with the genetic material from the female in theform of an egg. This activity often takes place through sexualintercourse. The video then goes ahead to describe each sexual organand its function. The male has the testes that produce sperms and thepenis whose role is to enable the sperms to interact with the femaleegg during intercourse. The female has ovaries that produce the eggand the uterus where the fertilized egg develops before given birthas a baby. The breasts release specific hormones during pregnancy andeventually produce nourishment for the infant through a process knownas lactation. There are also sex hormones released during thedevelopment of both the males and females that enable them to bereproductive. Males have testosterone while females have estrogen andprogesterone. The part of the brain known as hypothalamus is the onethat controls the entire reproductive system.


Thetopic of the reproductive system is important for my future career. Iwould like to work in the field of medicine, therefore, having theknowledge on reproduction will make me more competent in myprofessional sector. I would also be able to educate the young peopleabout reproduction so that they can be responsible if and when theybecome sexually active.


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