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Theselected websites discussed the symptoms of breast cancer andprovided guidelines on how patients can self-diagnose themselves andseek medical intervention as early as possible. The website providesthe information with a lot of simplicity and clarity to the patients.Healthcare providers are responsible for educating the patients andthe community by providing useful information that helps in improvingtheir health conditions and treatment prognosis(McGonigle &amp Mastrian, 2015).

Accordingto the website, healthcare providers inform the patients of the earlysigns of breast cancer and the self-diagnosis procedure which theycan do on themselves as recommended. From the website, breast cancersymptoms vary from lumps to swellings and other skin changes. Thesymptoms mimic other non-cancerous conditions such as infections orcysts. Therefore, in case people in the society present with suchsymptoms, they ought to rush to the healthcare facilities fordiagnosis and confirm their status. Also, more illustrations andguidelines are provided to the patients the website instructs themto perform self-examinations on monthly basis. The earlier cancer isdiagnoses, the better the prognosis of its treatment as evidentthrough the website. In addition, the sites provide information onvarious types of cancer and the stages of classification(Anderson et al., 2013).

Therefore,the healthcare providers provide information in a manner that issimple and easy to understand as evident in the website information(Honnegowda, Chan &amp Lau, 2013).Also, the information is precise and accurate since it presents thecorrect symptoms and presentation of breast cancer genesis anddevelopment process. In addition, the information is presented inform of questions and answers the healthcare providers are answeringpatient’s questions directly through the information posted in thewebsite(George &amp Sabitha, 2013).


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