Research Problems, Designs, and Sample

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ResearchProblems, Designs, and Sample

ResearchProblems, Designs, and Sample

Immobilityof patients during hospitalization often leads to bed sores,deconditioning, longer length of stay, and contraction ofhospital-associated health risks like pneumonia (Czaplijski,Marshburn, Hobbs, Bankard &amp Bennett, 2014).


Thereis need for a nurse driven mobility protocol involving the assessmentof level of mobility on admission and maintaining that pre-admissionlevel throughout the hospitalization. Often the elderly are admittedto the unit and the thought process becomes the patient is old andsick and must be placed in bed to achieve wellness. During thisconvalescence, the patient is placed on bedrest, which predisposesthem to pneumonia, pressure injuries and delirium. The use ofevidence-based practices in the identification of developmentalchange in clinical practice could help nurse leaders to improvepatient outcomes (Houser, 2018).


Thisstudy expects to find a retroactive research design during datacollection and evaluation. Electronic health records (EHR) would behelpful in the collection of information including admission dates,medical record number, discharge date, order of activity, anddiagnosis. Two nursing units would be located on separate floors anddivided into two groups: patients with bedrest and patients withregular activity. The impact of this design will be tested bycomparing the length of stay for each group. The retrospective designis affordable and ethical issues are limited since current patientsare already on bedrest.


Conveniencesamples are easy to come across. In survey studies, conveniencesamples mean that participants are willing. Convenience sampling hasa problem in that findings cannot be extrapolated from the sample toother populations since the results are not a factual representativesof other populations. Findings are limited to the sample populationand can only be used for pilot testing.


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