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Thedocumentary of Uganda aired on the Vice channel focussed onhomosexuality and the challenges they face in the country. In 2009,Uganda introduced the anti-Homosexuality bill that allowed thekilling of gays and lesbians (International Policy Digest, 2015).From the video, various Interviews from politicians and religiousleaders rebuke homosexuality to the extent of equating it toterrorism (Vice, 2016). Also, from the interviews, they are at riskof being raped or killed. A report by a Ugandan advocacy groupindicated that the persecution of gays had increased after UgandanPresident Yoweri Museveni signed the anti-gay bill into law in 2014(Washington Blade, 2016). The documentary highlights that childrenand youth are at risk because Europeans are touring Africa and in theprocess trying to lure these young people into the practice. Fromthe documentary, religious leaders are seen educating students on theeffects of homosexuality by telling the students that if theypracticed homosexuality, chances were very high for them to contractHIV/ Aids or even become barren (Vice, 2016). Besides,anti-homosexuality education is being taught in government fundedpublic schools.

Thedocumentary unfolds from an anti-homosexual point of view. If thedocumentary was revealed from those in support of homosexuality, thenwe would get to understand motivations that drive them to becomelesbians and gays. Significant issues that came up from thedocumentary include discrimination, Judgement (Vice, 2016). From thedocumentary, transgender people are not recognized in the society,and thus they are harassed and chased away by fellow citizens.Westernization was also pointed out as a key contributor to thehomosexuality practice in the country. Therefore, this was mainlythrough programs such as sponsorships offered to Ugandan studentsabroad thereby exposing them to homosexuality.


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