Response to a Discussion Post

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Responseto a Discussion Post

The post isinteresting to read at it is presented in a precise manner. Thewriter lists the key roles of government that ensures Americans havea healthy living. As per my opinion, health is key for thedevelopment of any nation, as it reduces absenteeism and increasesproductivity. The writer’s work is credible as it highlightsfactors the support the wellbeing of people that include government’sregulations on healthcare, licensing of healthcare professionals,healthcare inspections, vaccination schedules, prevention of emergingdiseases, and provision of finance to support health research amongother activities.

It is exciting andeducative how the writer explains the role of the local healthdepartment. The writer provides statistics such as 2,800 localhospitals, to explain the essential role of the local healthdepartment. One is able to appreciate the contribution of the localhealth department in ensuring people live in a safe and healthyenvironment in terms of air, food, and water. The writer chose areliable example of Lee County, as a local health department. Leehealth department in Florida has a reputable history due to itscommitment to improving and promoting healthcare. The exampleprovided enables people to appreciate the important of integration inhealthcare.For instance, some states such as Florida and New York,work in collaboration with the community members, contractors, publicsector and counties to achieve the vision of a healthy nation(Purnell,2012). The example provided also highlights howknowledge can be shared to other counties and countries, as LeeCounty provides effective healthcare services to approximately 1.7.Consequently, the essay is based on tangible facts, which enables oneto grasp the importance of healthcare sector. The paper content canbe applied by all States counties in American to ensure peoplereceive swift, affordable and quality healthcare.


Purnell,L. D. (2012).&nbspTransculturalhealth care: A culturally competent approach.FA Davis.