Response to Five Essay Part One

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Responseto Five Essay


Essay#1: Untitled Theme

The first essay isadmirable due to the choice of words used and sentence structure. Thewriter narrates the story of his grandmother with profound emotions,making the story captivating read. The writer felt that hisgrandmother should have died a decent death at his home as opposed tothe hospital. In addition, the essay is constructed using impressivesentences and paragraphs that have minimal errors.

Essay#3: Driving

Accordingto my opinion, essay number three is the second in terms of quality. The writer describes in an interesting way the way in which heacquired the first license and experiences he encountered. The essayis written using humor and suspense making it impressive and easy toremember. The essay has minimal errors.

Essay#2: Untitled Theme

Despite having unclear sentences, the second essay falls in the thirdplace in terms ofcontent. The essay describes in an interestingway, problems experienced by distance runners. One has to havepersistence and courage to complete the race. If each idea could beorganized in its paragraph and mistakes such as starting sentenceswith the word like ‘this,’ avoided it could have been perfect.

Essay# 4: College Days

Essay fours fall inthe 4th place. The essay has poor choice of words such asconnoisseur, making it difficult to grasp by to the targetedindividuals. However, it sparks good memories of exciting times incollege apart from academic.

Essay#5: The Church Monotony

Though the writerdescribes the real situation in most church, the essay is notcaptivating. As a result, it is the 5th place. The essayhas various grammatical errors such as constructing a paragraph withone sentence. In addition, the essay does not employ adjectives,adverbs among others to make it interesting.

Part Two

Discussionon Essay # 1

The first essay is aflashback of the writer`s grandfather who died. The situationreminds a case that occurred in my village. My neighbor who wasturning at 70 years old requested his family members not to taken tohis to the hospital when he became extremely ill. I came tounderstand that old individuals like to die at places they areaccustomed to.

However, the writercould have listed few achievements of his grandfather. Instead ofdiscussing his farming in the second paragraph, he could havedescribed a particular plant he liked to cultivate. People areassociated with particular items or behaviors (Brislin23). Nevertheless, the essay has key points.

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