Response to Soojin`s Post

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Responseto Soojin’s Post

Responseto Soojin’s Post

SoojinLee has provided information that addresses the causes, effects, andmanagement of elder abuse in the healthcare environment. Elderlyabuse involves physical, emotional, psychological, and social harmthat senior citizens experience. The elderly are vulnerable to abusebecause of declining physical, social, and mental capabilities(Beach, Carpenter, Rosen, Sharps &amp Gelles, 2016). Healthprofessionals, caregivers, friends, and family members are expectedto create a conducive environment that hinders the abuse of elderlypatients in the home and hospital environment. Good healthcare isimportant because it ensures safe aging process. Health professionalsare expected to provide suitable medication for health conditionsthat are associated with the aging process for example, dementia.

Theelderly couple that is discussed has dementia. Sufficient effortsshould, therefore, be placed on protecting the patients from any formof abuse in the care environment. The most common type of dementiaamong the elderly people is the Alzheimer’s condition because ofthe declining mental capabilities. Elderly individuals havechallenges related to memory loss (Alzheimer’s Association, 2017).This increases the probability of abuse and neglect because theelderly patients cannot remember the negative conducts of peoplearound them. The healthcare of the elderly couple can be addressedthrough proper management of the health conditions. The caregiversand family members have the responsibility of encouraging the coupleto take medication according to the instructions of the physician(Burnes, Pillemer, Caccamise, Mason, Henderson, Berman, Cook,Shukoff, Brownell, Powell, Salamone &amp Lachs, 2015). Thehealthcare can also be improved by enhancing the hygiene of thepatients. The children and the caregivers should ensure that thepatients bathe daily, brush their teeth after meals, trim their hair,and maintain short nails. Good hygiene prevents disease-causinggerms.

Itis important for elderly patients to be given proper guidance andcounseling services. The guidance aims at encouraging the elderlypatients to adopt healthy practices for example, regular exercise,good diet, and proper hygiene. The counseling services aim atassisting the patients to overcome the negative effects of abuse.


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