Restorative Justice

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Thecriminal justice system streamlines legal affairs in the society byensuring the application of equity and fairness in the administrationof its mandate. The judicial system has an obligation to ensure thatthose who break the law are held accountable and that the safety ofthe victims is upheld. Loopholes that hinder the system fromexecuting its function promote biases and interfere with itsprinciple of justice. They result in imbalances in the society sincethe existing procedures are tampered with to favor the mostaffluent/influential party. Various transformative structures haveemerged to eliminate the inequalities and align the functionality ofthe justice system and its delivering capacity. As such, thisdiscussion looks into societal imbalances that the criminal justicesystem counters because of their interference with its operation.

Theleading disparity is the power bestowed on a government agency over adefendant that puts an individual in a disadvantaged position becauseof the might of the state. It might lead to unfair prosecution, andit is the reason that human rights provision has been put in place toprotect the defendant from unwarranted judicial treatment. On theother hand, differences in accumulation of financial resources tamperwith the efficiency of the justice system. It is easier for a wealthyindividual to get away with a crime because the state assigns them abetter legal presentation, unlike a poor person or vulnerablepopulations who are likely to be incarcerated after being given poordefendants. Finally, the social, economic and political dispositionmagnify the difference between the plaintiffs and the defendants, andthe party with a greater command and might is likely to be favored bythe justice system (Ness and Strong 173).

Theimbalances highlighted above are responsible for the deterioration ofthe criminal justice system. Although it is working to scale themdown, it is important for the restorative justice to tighten itsnoose to resolve the imbalances. If it lags in rectifying the mess,the relevance of a criminal justice system will fade in the societyas people will lose trust on its competence.


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