Review Chart Outline

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  1. Introduction: this section will provide a background of the issue and an overview of the problem

  2. Issue: in this part, the problem that is under discussion will be introduced and discussed

  3. Solution: this section will discuss how the issue can be resolved

  4. Recommendation: here, a discussion on which alternative can be used in resolving the problem presented will be discussed

  5. Conclusion: this section will highlight the main points discussed in the paper

Inthe provision of health care services, companies are involved in themaintenance of health records of patients in an attempt to ensurethat issues that relate to billing, discharge summary, and claims aresettled accurately. In case the records are not well-scrutinized, itis possible that errors are likely to be made. This should be avoidedby ensuring that patient charts and records are accurately reviewed.


Inthe company QSAC, I have been charged with the responsibility ofreviewing MSC charts in order to ensure that the dates arewell-matched after which I append signature to allow Medicaid to bepaid. Upon the Medicaid service coordinators doing away with thecharts, they scan them. This process is long and tedious and needs tobe changed.


Oneof the solutions to the issue discussed is putting in placeelectronic charting, where every detail of patients will be fed atevery point of care. This can be supported by the company adoptingelectronic medical records (EMR) (Gartee 64). Recording informationof patients in a single record will help in easy review of MSC chartssince it will just need patient’s login details. A secondalternative will entail the use of a chart audit tool, which will aidin the organization of the patients’ data.


Inorder to resolve the problem, I recommend the use of electroniccharting that would be supported with the integration of electronicmedical records in the company. This will be the best alternativesince it will help in ensuring easy and fast review of records.However, the method has a limitation in that it will be expensive toimplement.


Inthe provision of health care services, it is exceedingly vital toensure that the records are well managed and reviewed in order toensure credibility in the health processes. The integration of EMR iscrucial in the management of the records.


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