Review of ‘Nixon A Presidency Revealed (Full Full Documentary)’

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Reviewof ‘Nixon: A Presidency Revealed (Full Full Documentary)’

Moviesor films plays an important role in the society that enables peopleto communicate and share different information either in theeconomic, social or political aspects, and the documentary of NixonRichard is no exception. It presents a unique piece that touches onone of the most powerful presidencies in the world (USA) that showsboth positive and negative sides of the president. However, thispiece presents a review of the documentary.

Thedocumentary presents a balanced approach where it talks and shows theachievements that President Nixon had at the time. For example endingthe Vietnam War, establish peace relations with the Middle- Eastcountries, Soviet Union and China as well as the implementation ofenvironmental and social reforms that impacted people positively(“Nixon: A Presidency Revealed”). On the contrary, the piece alsostates the negative parts of Nixon such as lies, secrecy and grossabuse of power that brought the questions in the mind of the publicrelated to the integrity of the presidency. It relies on footage thathad not been seen and audiotapes that were released recently andinterviews from people that were close to the president at the time.

Thepresentation of the picture and sound clips in the documentary arewell done where they support and reinforce evidence in the conceptsand ideas presented in the documentary.

Thedocumentary enables readers to note that presidents are human beingsjust like any other ordinary person and are make mistake the sameways other people make mistakes in different organizations andentities. The media, however, is blamed to have contributed greatlyto Nixon’s fall and tarnishing his image negatively as some noteand compare to the present times where president Trump alsoexperienced clashes with the media. However, to the critics of themedia contribution in Nixon’s story, they need to note that themedia has captured both Nixon triumph and the unmatched scandal,hence, media is neutral. It is also relative to note that theintegrity of the presidency and the office has extremely highexpectations and metrics making the US presidency exceptional andunique as indicated in the piece.


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