RFP Assignment

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Withthe increasing advancement in communication technology, the internethas become a vital communication medium, this is because of itsability to transfer information faster over a wide area within ashort period of time. Larger organizations and institutions havetherefore adopted the use of internet to store and transfer theirinformation. In order to remain relevant in the technological era,the Eastern Washington University administration have opted todevelop a portal software for the institution, that will enable theirstudents, staffs and other online users to easily access information.The company has therefore received proposals from Merant and IngeniuxCompany’s purporting their interests to offer the service. Basingon my evaluation from the two proposals I have therefore selectedIngeniux company proposal to be suitable, this is because it complieswith the portal specifications as required by the Eastern WashingtonUniversity.


IngeniuxCompany is endowed with a group of qualified and experiencedpersonnel’s in the development of soft wares and computer programs.The company has also developed similar software’s to other relatedinstitutions which can be easily reviewed. They also offer to conducta training to the university staffs of how to manage and use thesoftware and hence this will reduce the cost of hiring externalexperts to operate the portal. The company has also provided acheaper budget for developing and maintaining the portal and hencethis will reduce the University’s spending’s in developing theportal. The portal will support some of the latest computer operatingsystems such: Win98/2000Pro/XP, MacOS 8/9/X and hence making it toconform to the new technologies (Scacchi, 2002). The portal will alsobe developed in such a way that it will allow for updating and to beupgraded as per the newly set standards. The server will also supportsome of the latest tools in computer and internet technology such as128-bit encryption with P2P authentication and many others. A backupsystem that will enable the company to retrieve its data in case ofany data loss. The system will also be developed in such a way thatit is secure from any kind of threat.


Ingeniuxproposal is therefore more suitable as it seek to address all thespecifications of the Eastern Washington University and all otherrequirements that are vital for portal software. The Universityshould therefore consider approving this proposal as this companywill address all their needs.


Scacchi,W. (2002). Understandingthe requirements for developing open source software systems.IEE Proceedings-Software, 149(1), 24-39.