Roger Goodell’s Leadership

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RogerGoodell’s Leadership

RogerGoodell’s Leadership

Thesports industry requires incisive and focused leaders who possessepic qualities to ensure that it succeeds in all aspects. Leaders inthe sports industry should be guided by inherent principles and theacumen for sports to ensure that the industry runs as per theexpectations of many. Sports leaders must be driven by the passionfor the game and not necessarily the benefits that are associatedwith the industry. They must be the fiercest and ardent followers ofthe sport they are involved in. Most of the leaders in the sportsindustry have been tried and tested to have what it takes totransform the sport they are involved in, one of them being RogerGoodell the NFL commissioner.

Descriptionof the Leader- Roger Goodell

RogerGoodell is one such focused and dynamic leader in the world of sportsand has been a role model to many. Being the NFL commissioner,Goodell has transformed the industry by instilling confidence amongthe stakeholders and sports personalities involved in NFL. He isamong the top leaders that everyone would relish associating with.Having taken over the helm of leadership in the year 2006, Goodellhas achieved what a few would, despite the significant challenges hehas faced along the way.

Experiencesof Roger Goodell

Goodellspearheaded the collective bargaining process negotiations in 2011.He has been a visionary leader who settles for nothing less than whatis of ultimate benefit to the NFL sport.Out of his vigor andpassion during the negotiations, a CBA of 10 years was agreed upon.

Inhis position as the Chief Operating Officer at NFL, Goodell wasbestowed with the responsibility of conducting the league functionsand also handling various business ventures associated with the NFL(Gilbert, 2013). Such leadership experiences enabled him to managethe sales and marketing functions and also developing stadiums.

Goodellis a focused leader who has maintained the integrity of the game tomake it admirable and interesting for every person. He envisions agame whereby integrity and ethical standards are the guidingprinciples for all to make it a success.


Leadershipby Action: Sports leaders should lead by examples just like other leaders invarious capacities. Goodell has been such a leader by being directlyinvolved in matters concerning NFL. He rarely relies on the effortsof other people to pursue the agenda of NFL. For instance, he secureda financial future of NFL by involving broadcasters such thatcommitted a $40billion to have the broadcasting rights for theleague.

InstillingDiscipline and Integrity:Goodell stands by his principles. For instance, when the New OrleansSaints’ defensive team injured other players deliberately, he finedthem a hefty amount of cash estimated to be $ 500,000. Moreover,Goodell also suspended the coach for the entire season. He alsosuspended Tom Brady of Patriots for several games for deflationallegations in 2014, a move that showed how committed he is tomaintaining high ethical standards in NFL.

WhyGoodell is a Successful Leader

Goodellhas built a public image in the NFL for the transformation he hasbrought forth for the last decade he has been in leadership. He hascontinuously enhanced a close working relationship between allstakeholders to attain the objectives of the National FootballLeague. All the rules he has implemented have also been adhered toby every team and player. Under his leadership, the National FootballLeague has grown to become a recognized sport of its kind in theworld.

Insummation, with the massive growth of sports industry, there is adire need to ensure that good leadership in all aspects is enhanced.Qualified and highly focused leaders who have the willpower to serveand propel the industry to the next level should be given a chance tolead. Roger Goodell is such an exceptional example that is worthemulation by other leaders in the sport industry.


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