Role and Implication of the Canada`s Syrian Refugee Program

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Roleand Implication of the Canada`s Syrian Refugee Program


Whatrole does the Liberal Government play under Canada`s Syrian RefugeeProgram on resettlement for the Syrian refugees?


Canadarefugee program is twofold In-Canada Asylum Program for peoplemaking refugee protection claims within the country and the Refugeeand Humanitarian Resettlement Program, for those seeking protectionfrom outside the country. The state has moral obligation to acceptand settle refugees and immigrants (Byman, &amp Speakman, 2016).Canada helps the international community to find solution to theproblem of homelessness, and the legislation provides that allrefugees should be screened carefully to mitigate on issues relatingto criminality, security and ill-health. The government uses theBlended Visa Office-referred (BVOR) program to match refugees who arereferred by UNHCR. The federal government, together with otherpartners provides a broad range of settlement support to help therefugees to integrate successfully. Government Assisted Refugees(GAR) program provides assistance under the Resettlement AssistanceProgram.

Thisstudy focuses on the Syrian refugee`s resettlement program adopted bythe Liberal government to examine the settlement program, if thereis reciprocity and the effort of the government in settling therefugees. In this light, the content of the study is about theimplication and role of the refugee program to the Canadiancommunity.


Thestudy will review scientific literatures about Canada’s Syrianrefugee resettlement program from the relevant databases such asScopus and Web of Science. The search will focus on studies conductedin English about refugee programs in Canada. The literature review ofthe study will guide development of key search works. This will bebased on the inclusion criteria designed to examine Canada’s Syrianrefugee resettlement program. To get potentially relevant articles,there will be screening of articles and abstracts to narrow the focusto refugee resettlement program and intervention. The studies will bereviewed in details and coded for analysis. Analysis will be by wayof narrative content analysis and the results will be summarized ascontaining the overall refugee resettlement programs.

Sincethis project is qualitative in nature, case studies will be used tolook into the existing programs and justification. Case study willlook at the role the Liberal Government play under Canada`s SyrianRefugee Program on resettlement for the Syrian refugee. This approachis suitable because a holistic and in-depth examination of theprograms will answer the research question. Data from differentsources will shade light into the liberal government’s refugeeprograms and their implications to the Canadian community at large.The sources of data will include archival records, documents, andinterviews. Lastly, questionnaires will target the settled refugeesto gather primary data about their status. One hundred and fiftyquestionnaires will be administered to immigrants who have been inCanada for more than six months.


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