Role of the Community Health Nurse and the General System Theory

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A community can be defined as a group of people who live and sharecommon features in their society such as institutions and agencies.These people are able to interact with each other on a daily basisand have an understanding of how their lives work within theirsystem. Health is the state of well-being of a person both physicallyand mentally. For the community to continue functioning properly, itneeds to have a healthy environment, which means that its occupantsneed to stay healthy as they interact with each other. Communityhealth nurses are the guides who have been put in charge to see thisthrough. The General system theory was developed in a bid tounderstand and work with different human personalities and behaviorthrough interaction. This material takes a brief look at the roles ofthe community health nurse in relation to the general system theory.

Nursing involves giving care to people even when they think that theydo not need it. A nurse is charged with the responsibility ofensuring that a person or group of people is as comfortable as can bein terms of their health (Smolowitz et al., 2015).The community health program involves several nursingelements such as ensuring healthy living, preventing health issues,research, rehabilitation, evaluation, and treatment. The people,agencies and organizations that make up a community have theresponsibility of working together for their own benefit.

The nurse is not only expected to focus on the health of anindividual, but, also on that of the family and the community as awhole. The community health nurse visit homes, schools, marketsplaces and other social centers within the community in a bid toprovide an understanding on healthy living. During these visits,their roles and responsibility will be, but are not limited to beingcare providers for any cases of sickness, being research conductorsas they will be gathering information from the community, educatingthe community, advocating for healthy living, and collaborating withvarious agencies and institutions to help promote health in thecommunity

Due to the many interactions that are involved in community healthnursing, various plans and procedures have to be put into place toensure that their work is successful. The general system theory comesinto play here as it tries to give an understanding of theseinteractions and how to work with them. This theory believes thatproblems within a community can have a ripple effect if leftunchecked. The general system theory understands the fact thatnursing forms an essential part of many working systems in thesociety. Therefore, it is important to understand how these systemswork so as to efficiently provide care for the community, families,and patients in need. The community health nurses and it’s thestakeholders can best bring about the change and health required whenthey can understand how the community system works(Smolowitz et al., 2015).The general system theory is also important here in thesense that its application has been used in the development of othernursing theories and carrying out research work in nursing.

Some of the nursing theories that have been derived from VonBatalanffy’s general system theory include: the Nightingale’stheory which was developed by Florence Nightingale who proposed thatone had to undergo special training and education in order to qualifyas a nurse. Her theory had the assumptions that nursing was an art-nursing was a calling – nursing was based on environmentalalterations. Based on this theory, community health nurses aresupposed to be able to understand their work and how to provide thecare needed by the community. The community members have to trustthat the community health nurses can provide them with the properhealth that they need. Another theory is Neuman’s theory developedby Betty Neuman. This theory is based on a person’s interactionwith the environment. It is important for community health nurses andthe stakeholders to understand the environment in which they operatein. Having a good understand of the environment can help one takecare of it so that it may in turn provide the health standardsrequired for healthy living. Community health nurses in this aspectare tasked with teaching the community the importance of living in aclean and healthy environment. Finally, the Milio’s preventionframework theory was Nancy Milio’s theory that involved populationfocused care within the community. She stated that behavior patternsin a populated community are as a result of repeated habits due tolimited choices. Unhealthy living can be due to lack of the necessaryknowledge. As such, it is the duty of the community health nurse toprovide the community with the knowledge required for its members totake care of themselves health wise (Smolowitz et al., 2015).When people are fitted with the necessary information,then they can be able to make good judgment calls on their own. Thesetheories when combined together are able to provide a working guidethat community health nurses can use to help make their servicedelivery efficient. Von Batalanffy played an important role in thenursing career when he developed his theory. It has helped shaped theindustry in terms of research work and organization management.

Nurses form an important part of our community, and as such theirroles should be highly regarded. It is also important to understandourselves as part of a large group within a community in order toencourage a healthy living. The community health nurses are there toguide us, and it is thus our duty as community members to ensure thattheir work is accomplished with ease.


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