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Salesforce.comis one of the leading cloud services in the information technologyindustry, despite it being the youngest among providers of cloudservices. Salesforce, unlike other renowned CRM solutions, is theonly solution that provides its solution as a software as a service.It recorded the highest revenue in 2016 and had a market penetrationof over 18 percent against its closest competitor SAP which had a 12percent market penetration. The success of has beenattributed to its ability to allow its system to track, manage,evaluate, and share data on sales. The systems also allow sharinginformation about leads and ongoing process. It also makespredictions and forecast about sales for its clients. Its productsare categorized under different cloud based services which includethe sales cloud, analytical cloud, market cloud, service cloud, andthe community cloud (Kao, &amp Paz, 2016).

Theorganization also has and platform as a service which isused for the development of cloud-based applications. One of thecritical tools available from is its ability tointegrate clients’ information in one place. This has helpedstreamline consumer communication where every interaction recordedwith the customers is captured by the client service software. Theplatform also allows for multi-communication where information can besent to clients at ones. Another critical tool for isits ability to integrate social media into its platform. This is oneof the tools I would use given that it has become easier tocommunicate with clients through social media. The integration ofsocial media into also organizes the informationreceived in a single inbox making it easy to respond to thequestions. Generally, the platform has helped inimproving productivity through the management and organization ofcontacts, leads, opportunities and partners.


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