Saudis Expand Regional power

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When the Arab Spring revolt broke out about four years ago, the SaudiArabia rulers were shaken. The Saudi dynasty, however, appeared tohave been lifted vis a vie the chaos around the region to unraveledinfluence and power. In Riyadh, a new king assumed the throne. TheSaudis had favored authoritarianism, which was rising from Tunis toManama and Cairo. Analsyts and diplomats say that the rise of Saudisis mainly due to the near fall of so many of the states around them.The states include Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Bahrain, andTunisia. A stable flow of Saudi resources maintains the old order.Currently, the Saudis are battling alongside the United States tosupport the Baghdad government and hold up the kingdom of Bahrain.

A lot of Saudi’s money is supporting friendly governments in Jordanand Egypt. Saudi Arabia backs the militias that are fighting inLibya. Besides, the media providing support in Tunisia areSaudi-owned. Aside from claiming victories such as the militarygovernment in Cairo and an elected government in Tunis, some of thetroubles that are faced by its neighbors are something that the Saudileaders may worry about. A handover plan in Yemen failed, therebyleaving Iran rebels in charge of the capital city. Saudi Arabia,taking the lead role to address the situation, has agitated the hopefor modern democracy. According to Gamal Abdel Gawad, the regionneeds democracy urgently (Kirkpatrick). It would make a lot of sensethat Saudi Arabia would take a leading role because resources andefficient governance it enjoys. Saudi Arabia is under the rule of aroyal family. It would be likened to Libya and Syria without theroyal family rule. King Salman leads the Saudi Arabia population.They have maintained the tension between the Shiite Muslims and Sunnirulers.

Saudi Arabia took up its title of regional captain when Hosni Mubarakof Egypt was ousted out. In 2013, the Saudi government provided 12billion dollars in financial support of Abdel Fattah el –sisi whowas in charge of a military takeover in Cairo. Saudi Arabia is infull support of the sisi Government and the Egypt economy regardlessof the drop in oil prices. Saudi’s satellite network is providingcoverage of law and order within the region. They provide financialaid in support of the Tunisia government and support to anti-Islamistleaders. Saudi Arabians are the only ones with enough resources andpower making them the regional leader.

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