Scholarship Essay- Honesty and Integrity

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ScholarshipEssay- Honesty and Integrity

Ina general sense, responsible individuals are aware of the challengesthat face them in the endeavors to maintain ground, in an obviouslyunfriendly and competitive society.

Ibelieve that the conduct of an excellent performer- interested indeveloping the skills needed in a competitive world- goes beyond theknowledge of task execution. Ethics and discipline govern the allrounded nature of a person who aims to nurture their skill andcompetence amongst peer of equal capabilities in skill.

Withtime and in my academic progress as a student, I have learnt thathonesty and integrity are key virtues that help in standing out. In asociety that is marred by all sorts of malpractices such ascorruption, I understand that the choice of living out an honest lifegives me a competitive edge over other students who students who arealso focused at achieving academically.

Ihave also learnt that integrity is a major counter in the delivery ofcompetence over whatever that is placed under my watch, either as aduty or as a responsibility (Bauman).I have learnt to embrace responsibility, through my coursework, withthe understanding that integrity is a virtue that will always count alot, especially in the gaining of exemplary grades in my class work.

Conclusively,I would proudly say that these two virtues have clearly stood out forme, and helped me to be an outstanding student in life and anaccomplished competitor on future business opportunities.