Scope of Practice

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Scopeof Practice

Scopeof Practice

Nursesare anticipated to have facilitation skills and to work incollaboration with patients together with inter-professionalcolleagues. That is to have updated information about the client andtheir learning preferences (Instituteof Medicine of National Academies, 2010).I would, therefore, fulfill this future role by collaborating withthe relevant inter-professional members of the team to help me gainknowledge and skills, which I will apply when taking care of mypatients. Likewise, I will work closely with patients to get a betterinsight into their problems to assist them in the best way I can.Also, I will continue with training to learn more skills in the fieldof nursing and to improve on the ones I have.

Thecapstone project is a process, which takes place for two semesters.During the process, students do research in the selected problems orquestions of their choice. Furthermore, they engage in debates, whichare scholarly and produce a substantial paper that shows an in-depthunderstanding of the subject. The practice of nurses to complete thedegree of their schooling is evident in my capstone by choice of theresearch topic chosen as there are no barriers or limits to aparticular subject and the detailed research on my project. Thelevels of Higher Education and Training will be evidenced by workingin groups and also engaging in scholarly debates. During the capstoneproject, nurses are allowed to consult and collaborate with thedoctors and other qualified professionals in the healthcare system,thereby enhancing future partnership among them. On a final note,workforce planning, which is effective, will be evidenced by themethods and interpretation of the data collected during my researchasstated by the Institute of Medicine of National Academies (2010).The capstone project is, therefore, an important part of nursingeducation.

Healthcaresystem is dynamic and needs essential reconceptualization educationof nurses to transform it. A partnership needs to be formed amongpractice colleagues, nurse educators, and students to createopportunities, which are seamless in transitioning to lifelonglearning.


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