Self Control and how it Shapes the Society

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SelfControl and how it Shapes the Society

InPlato’s Republic, Socrates identifies the perceptions ofself-control and how they apply to the social set-ups and thegoverned. In the argument, Socrates notes that to think of anindividual as having self-control would be ridiculous (Plato 106).The later is mainly based on the premise that since the person whohas self-control is the one who gets controlled, and then theargument is not correct. However, the author further notes that therecan be coexistence if there is a measure of the better part and theworse part that exist within an individual. The two parts areappropriate in developing and differentiating between self-controland self-controlled aspects in every human (Plato 106). The two mustbe in harmony and coexist properly if there is any semblance ofscrutiny that can be drawn. In this argument, Socrates notes that theingredients that are essential for self-control are the existence ofthe two parts in moderation. Socrates is identifying how moderationacts as the harmony between the two parts and leads to self-control.

Socratesfurther assesses how these aspects affect the society and the city atlarge. Restraint applied to a larger city means that the better partsupersedes, the worse part and there is harmony between the two ifthere is proper supervision of the city to be derived. Socrates notesthat the people with self-control in the city are the stronger set ofindividuals who govern the city. However, the subjects need to learnhow to live in harmony through ensuring that there is unity betweenthe two groups and adopting the best measures and models essentialfor this to happen in the society accordingly. The primary elementthat ensures that society is glued together and everyone isaccountable for their actions is justice (Plato 107). Justiceaccording to Socrates forms an important part of the city, and itsolidifies the relationship between the governed and subjects basedon the set structures. It gives the pertinent aspects that should bepresent to develop an objective and proper model towards change inthe system accordingly.

Thearguments by Socrates are sound and well articulated since he appliesthe principles of self-control on the person to help in analyzing thecity or society in general. The premise that self-control can onlyoccur when the better part takes control of the worse part is a soundand logical argument. If one is to take control of their lives, theyneed to have the relevant concepts and develop a working scope andtheory that is important in changing and developing the best meansfor change (Plato 106). An individual needs to take control throughusing the best part and principles and suppressing the worst parts sothat they can be believed to have a handle on themselves. It is anissue that is correct in argument and properly articulated.

Onthe other hand, application to the city needs to be under thecircumstances and concepts that Socrates defined. The society is alarger concept of the individual since the people control andexplains the concepts that are adopted in the wider community. Thesociety is characterized by many people who have conflicting aspectsand issues. It is necessary to ensure that there is a moderatingfactor that is used to create the best working basis and develop ameans that is essential for change in the systems accordingly. Themoderating factor connects and creates harmony amid the differentissues that can be present in the larger society. Socrates notes thatthere are challenges that can arise since there are weak and strongpeople in the community. The two must coexist in harmony in the sameway that the better part and the worse part coexist towards ensuringthat there is self-control (Plato 106). In this regard, therefore, itis important to ensure that justice is met to ensure that all peopleare attended to and respect the system that has been set in place.The subjects and leaders need to have a governing and controllingguide to ensure that all members of the society are equally andappropriately working towards the betterment of the community. One ofthe aspects that Socrates needs to have expounded on was theadministration of justice and how it represents and informs theunderlying tools and methods that are developed within the systemsused accordingly.

Theargument is paramount in ethics since it underlines the importance ofaccepting and taking charge of the role one has in the society. Theethical standards need to be outlined, and the use of individualtools and models that are essential for the society and the city needto be creatively developed. It is, therefore, critical to ensure thatthe proper and most appropriate tools are used, and the societalstructure is designed towards developing a sound basis for living inharmony together in the society.

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