Service Breakdown and Service Recovery

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University Affiliation

Handling Difficult Customer

At my previous job, a client came complaining of a defect item he hadbought but unfortunately had no receipt. He cursed and yelled at mebut had to take it calmly since it wasn’t personal and made surethe client got contented that his concern would be addressed. Ilistened carefully and controlled my tempers not to argue with him. Igave him all the attention and time to express his concern andpolitely apologized. I explained to him that he couldn’t get arefund without the receipt but a follow up in the system would bedone to give a solution. The strategies worked perfectly as thesituation ended up a win-win to the organization and the client.Since the strategies worked perfectly, it would be advisable to usethe same strategies depending on the situation at hand.

Business Defection

Yes, working as a receptionist at Seven Seas, I felt under-utilizedand decided to shift to Oracle for a procurement position. Exposure,experience and greener pastures were among the reasons I defectedSeven Seas. If only Seven Seas could have given me a job related tomy specialization or a position that I would feel engaged, I couldn’thave decided to walk away. To prevent professional employees fromdefecting a company, assign them duties that will make them agile andgrow professionally.

Response to Discussion Board

Step one of the registration form seems to confuse clients on themonthly charges, and thus the company should have revised the step toavoid more complaints and conflicts. With more than 800 userscomplaining about it, the company should have rectified the issue.The general manager is unable to control his tone and temper whiletalking to the client which should not be the case. It’s advisableto listen to the customers attentively and later explain thesituation (Lucas, 2014). Although the manager offers a solution atthe end, he does it arrogantly and with unprofessional tone.

Every client’s opinion counts regardless of what tone they use.It’s upon the receiving end to handle the situation calmly andchose the right words to respond to the customers. The clients may befrustrated in one way or the other, and it would be wise to listen tothem carefully, give them full attention, maintain eye contact andshow that you care, understand and they can trust you to handle thesituation (Lucas, 2014).


Lucas, R. (2014). Customers service (1st ed.).Boston: McGraw-Hill.