Sexual Harassment

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Accordingto Mcdonald &amp Charlesworth (2016), Sexual harassment is anyunwelcome spoken, physical or visual behavior of any sensual naturetowards an individual, which acts as a breach of sexual harassmentlaws and affects working environment. As a form of sexualdiscrimination, this act can happen anywhere anytime in our lives.

Importance of Laws

The modern business environment is very diverse and has incorporatedwomen which underline the importance of having sexual harassment lawsin place to regulate employees’ relations.

In a work environment, sexual harassment laws act as an employeerelations tool that guides their daily behavior as they interact withtheir co-workers, supervisor and employers. By understanding thelaws, all concerned parties will regulate their physical conduct andthe conversations they have at the workplace.

Provision of the laws acts as a tool that offers basic sexualeducation to employers, managers, and employees in the workplace. Itis vital that the employees, managers, and the employers know thesexual harassment and mitigation process at their disposal.

Organizations use sexual harassment laws as a way of minimizing legalsuits resulting from the actions of its employees. Legal suits leadto organizational reputation damage and therefore having clear rulesenshrined in the organizations` policy will reduce these incidencesand act as a guide to handling any case should one arise.

My take on the Sexual Regulations

Yes,the sexual regulations harassment in place today have gone too far.

Today the world is very dynamic, and people interact in open waysthan before. Dress code in the work environment has changed, and thesociety has become more accommodative. Organization today have end ofyear parties where employees interact and based on the current sexualharassment laws some of the celebratory activities they undertake arein contravention of the law (Morral, Gore &amp Schell, 2014)

In one or two organizations, people have met their future spouses inthe office but this today has been changed since it’s even illegalto make any attempt to sexual advances or even in extreme cases toflirt with any of the employees as this will amount to a breach ofthe law.

The provisions of the law are vague and some employees with negativemotives over time have used them against innocent employees creatingunnecessary drama in the workplace. In the end, this does more harmthan good to the people the law is meant to protect.

Difference between Playful flirting and

To illustrate this difference we take an example of two employeesworking in the same office, Mary and John. He (John) is romanticallyinterested in Mary, and he begins to flirt with her. Flirting isdefined as acting in a playful manner towards someone to signify thatyou are romantically attracted to them (Diehl, Rees, &amp Bohner,2012). After the flirt, Mary is interested in John and therefore shegives in into his request. Although this is a sexual activity it doesnot amount to sexual harassment.

However, if for example after the flirting advances and even afterseveral requests Mary did not give into his idea, Mary will feel herrights have been violated since she does not agree with his flirtgame. This amounts to sexual harassment and gifts Mary the liberty toreport the matter to the relevant authority. For an act to be sexualharassment, the initial action should be unwelcome, sexual favors orany unfavorable intimidation (Cudd, 2013).


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