“Share a Coke” Commercial

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“Sharea Coke” Commercial


“Sharea Coke” Commercial

Advertisements play a crucial role in the marketing sector. However,an advert has to bear the right traits so that it can reach theintended market section. This context will consider a coke commercialfound on YouTube, pinpoints some of the significant details and evendiscuss whether it achieves its purpose.

The advert isabout consumption of coke (Feldman T, 2016). The advert promotesconsuming the coke and even using it as a technique of spreadingfriendship and romantic love among the given group of people. Theadvert also highlights on how pole can consume coke at almost anytime by indicating its consumption in the night, daytime, whenrelaxing and even when actively engaging in other daily activities.

The advert targets the youth who are the approximate age’s gaps of10 years to 18 years. The advert utilizes a musical and friendly toneto approach a range of situations, which it has portrayed (Feldman T,2016). By indicating that youths can consume coke during sad andhappy times, it indicates a universal tone. The fact that the youthsare consuming coke during party and celebration times rather thandrinking alcoholic drinks or energizers brings out the irony in theadvert.

The idea of personalizing names brings out the idea that you are notjust sharing the coke, but you are also sharing your emotions at thesame time (Feldman T, 2016). Using the background soundtrack thatrhymes with the activities and the objectives of the teens is arhetoric technique that catches the viewers’ attention.

To sum up, you can say that the advert was successful. The catchynature of the advert and is relevance to daily activities makes iteasy to relate. Thus, people can appreciate its origin. The videoalso appreciates the diverse cultural backgrounds across the globe,and this was one of its strong points. Despite the low quality of theadvert video, it still manages to achieve its intended purpose.


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