Significance of Technological Innovations in Organization

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Significanceof Technological Innovations in Organization

Significanceof Technological Innovations in Organization

PartOne: Topic Search

  1. What issue or problem would you like to write about?

Theissue that I want to discuss is the effect of new technology in anorganization.

  1. Choose a side. What is your view on the issue? What is the opposing view?

Myview is that technological innovations improve the performance of theorganization by enhancing service delivery. The opposing view is thatnew technology hinders productivity by increasing business costs.

  1. What specific change might fix this issue?

Themanagement of the organizations should allocate sufficient financialand human resources to enhance technology adoption.


Technologicalinnovation involves the introduction of new equipment, system, orprogram with the aim of improving the productivity of theorganization. The innovation improves service delivery by enhancingcommunication with customers. It also enhances the profit level ofthe organization by reducing the cost of production. However, thecost of acquiring new technology is high. The management of theorganizations should plan and allocate appropriate resources torealize effective technology adoption.

PartTwo: The Outline

  1. The modern society is prone to constant changes. One of the transformations experienced so far is the technological innovations in Information Communication Technology (ICT).

  2. The latest innovations have been applied in all sectors. Although modern technological innovations have become popular, there are mixed views on its role in the society.

  3. Whereas some people are fully in support of technology, others are opposed to it.

  4. This paper presents a candid argument on the significance of technology in the organizations.

  1. Technology Ensures High-Quality Services

  1. First and foremost, technology is good because it helps in improving the quality of services. When technology is applied in the production process, it helps in improving the efficiency of services.

  2. This has been refuted by some people who argue that the technology does not improve quality because it is operated by human beings.

  3. However, this is a misleading argument. The truth is that technology improves efficiency and the quality of services (Mithas &amp Rust, 2016).

  1. Technology Improves Service Delivery Speed

  1. Secondly, technology is a brilliant idea because it improves the speed of service delivery. When used in production, technology can take a shorter time to perform an activity as compared to manual means.

  2. However, this has been criticized by some people who argue that technology does not enhance the speed of production.

  3. The truth is that technology enhances speed. If it is used in the production process, technology can perform a lot of tasks.

  1. Innovation Reduce Costs

  1. Lastly, technology is a good thing because it helps in minimizing the costs of operations. Whenever it is used, technology only requires a few people to operate.

  2. However, this has been opposed by the people who believe that technology is a bad thing because it leads to unemployment (Mithas &amp Rust, 2016).

  3. The truth is that technology is desirable because it can make an organization to save some money that would have been used in hiring operators.

  1. Conclusion

  1. In conclusion, technology is an important development that should be embraced by all the organizations.

  2. It can play a significant role in reducing operation costs.

  3. It is also important in improving the speed, efficiency, and quality of production.


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