Single Engine Landings with Multi-Engine Aircraft

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SingleEngine Landings with Multi-Engine Aircraft

SingleEngine Landings with Multi-Engine Aircraft

Jeppesen’sbook “Guided Flight Discovery: Multi-Engine” offers some insightson landing commonly experienced by inoperative engines, particularlyfor aircraft with multi-engines but using a single engine whenlanding. The book provides some multi-engine operations andtechniques, which a pilot will employ when landing with a brokenengine. He notes that landing with a faulty engine is not asdifferent from the normal landing, but the pilot will also need somespecific skills and knowledge to avoid some situations such asengine-out go-round (Jeppesen, 2014). The book, therefore, offerssome important procedures for pilots to comply with, and advice thepilots on the most appropriate patterns to follow in suchcircumstances.

ThePOH contains a checklist for important procedures for landing with afaulty engine of an aircraft. Additionally, the ATC is responsiblefor giving out the sequence for runways in both times of normal andemergency landing. The book asserts that it is the responsibility ofthe pilot to declare an emergency as soon as it emerges that theaircraft is landing with a faulty engine. Further, the book outlinesthe responsibilities of various departments at the airport during anemergency. For instance, control tower must keep in touch with theemergency units to ensure all apparatus are in place to handle thepossible situation.

Accordingto Jeppesen, engine-out landings lead to decreased drag because of afeathered engine, which could cause further floating down the runway.Normally, when both propellers are windmilling, the aircraft landregularly and there is no drag and floating. This is not the casewhen one of the engines stops working. In such a case, the booksuggests some measures that the pilot would adhere for a safelanding. The common danger of not adhering to the stabilized approachof the airspeed as highlighted in the POH is overrunning the runwayand overshooting (Jeppesen, 2014). Therefore, the book offers insightinto the analytical procedures that the pilot would adhere to in suchcircumstances when one of the multi-engines is faulty, and theaircraft lands with a single engine.


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