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Parentingplays an essential part when upbringing a child. In the contemporaryworld, parenting has evolved due to the various socialtransformations. Single parenting has become common in the societydue to myriad reasons such as break-ups, custody problems, death orconflict between the parents. The subject about single parenting isfundamental because children ought to acknowledge and appreciate therole of one parent in the family.

Usually,parenting involves the responsibilities of a mother and father, as afamily[ CITATION Tho131 l 1033 ].Nonetheless,the changing family structure deserves a change in the parentingskills and styles in order to have a positive impact on children. There is usually a concern over a child growing without a mother or afather figure. Single parenting may also come with various challengessuch as a problem in maintaining discipline, limited income, and alot of responsibility. However, the issue can be settled by offeringchildren the moral support they need to grow and learn the necessarysocial skills. It is also vital to structure the daily routineprogram in a manner that creates time for the child to ensureadequate bonding.

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