Single Parenting

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Insociety, social norms influence individual behaviors that bring ustogether as a culture. However, they can isolate us uniquely ifcontinuously violated. This discussion largely profiles singleparenthood in our society, adopting Social Norms Theory fromExploring Family Theories.

Primarily,the main reasons associated with single parenting are divorce,unmarried parents and the growing molecular technology. Considerably,Social Norms Theory highly discourages this behavioral change as itdestroys the long term peace between families, it is blurringgenerations time by time. Divorce, for instance, affects childrendirectly as they will adopt a single parent lifestyle (Howell et al.,2016). For example, an emotional characteristic may later causedomestic violence among their families when they grow up. Also,parental stress and depression dominate because of financialconstraints. Important roles of providing for the family are limitedwithout the benefit of the partner (Blume, 2017).

Occasionally,these effects can be remedied. First, apart from schooling, anindividual should engage the children in constructive programs thatwill discourage them from adopting addictive behaviors like drugs.Secondly, emotional effects to parents and children can be rectifiedby taking time for the children and always stay positive (Pattanaik,2016). Questions will come up, answer them honestly and explain thereasons for the changes in their parenthood. Lastly, financialeffects demand planning for your finance, save and learn aboutlong-term investments for the safety and the future of your family(Karney et al., 2017).

Finally,it is important for the current generation to have a clear, personalunderstanding about the pressure that significantly leads to singleparenthood. Social norms theory condemns this behavioral change andmostly targets college students (Ross, 2015). This inspires theexisting generation through understanding how to avoid interpersonalinfluence and the role of decision making in parenthood. This will bea success because of the social norms media campaign being financedby state agencies and most government and non-government organization(Reppart, 2013). This will have a solid positive transition aboutparenthood for the future generation.


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