Six Characters by Luigi Pirandello

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SixCharacters by Luigi Pirandello

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SixCharacters by Luigi Pirandello

Whatare the Conflicts of Interest between the different Characters inthis Book? (Page 72)

Aswe can depict from the onset after the arrival of six strange peoplewhere the director is furious because of the interruption broughtabout by this coming group as he premiers a play called mixing it up.The director gets so furious that he demands an explanation. This isdepicted by the decision of the director to disappear behind thebackcloth that served for the sky (Badley, 2014 p72). The Fathercomes in to answer him saying they are in need of an author to finishup their story. They explain their tale as he listens keenly and atthe very end, he is appalled by what he heard and labels the group asmentally challenged. There was conflict when the Father attempted tobuy sex from his stepdaughter. He was pretending.

Discussthe Challenges faced by the Director while He tried to stage theirPlay even though He was not the Author (Page 73).

Duringthe first scene in Madame Pace’s shop the characters assumed thatthey would act their roles, but when the director asked the actors towatch carefully for they would re-act the scene, the charactersargued with the director, but he moves the play on anyway. Thedirector states “to hell with all of you!” He dealt with a pridelot because shortly after when he stops the characters in order forthe actors to rehearse. The director is not in harmony with the restof the actors and he dismisses all of them stating that they havewasted his day (Badley, 2014 p73). The stepdaughter confronts thedirector over the truth of their story as she believed he wasdrifting away from it on stage.

Whatare the Distinctive Attributes of each Character in the Play? (Page70)

Thedirector being the coordinator of each scene is brought out ascreative where he manages to fashion a story and stage it on moment’snotice. The father is seen as manipulative and a bit diabolical wherehe tries to lure his stepdaughter due to being at a tender age tohave sexual relations for money. The mother is distant and callouswhere she breaks away the warm embrace of her daughter and theex-husband. The mother equally depicted as caring and loving of herchildren (Badley, 2014 p70). The stepdaughter is bold and forgivingeven after the stepfather branded her as a prostitute he still caresfor him, she argues about the truth of their story with the director,quite a majestic-spirited girl. The boy is of low esteem nature wherehe commits suicide after the sad loss of the little girl.


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