Skeletal, Nervous, and Muscular Systems

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Skeletal,Nervous, and Muscular Systems

Skeletal,Nervous, and Muscular Systems

Thehuman body works through the coordination of various parts/systems.Clearly, for a football player to effectively kick a field goal,skeletal, nervous, and muscular systems must work together(Muscolino, 2016). First of all, the nervous system through thespinal cord sends essential signals from the body part, which is theleg, to the brain. The brain, however, makes a vivid decisionregarding where to move and how to physically react to theenvironment. The spinal cord also helps the brain to send a feedbackto the leg.

Thenervous system sends the conveyed information from the brain to themuscles telling them how to move. Through quadriceps, which is agroup of muscles located on the front side of the leg, the knee isflexed as the hips get extended. However, before kicking the ball,hamstrings, which are the muscles located opposite the quadriceps,helps the extension of the hip and the flexing of the knee(Muscolino, 2016). Further, femoral nerve, which is a section oflumbar plexus, generates sensation regarding the front aspect of thethigh. In such case, it controls the innervation of the anteriorthigh’s muscles, hence allowing the extension of the knee.

Nevertheless,the muscular system cannot achieve its primary goal without theskeletal system. Bones are rigid, hence properly equipped for boththe movement and the fitness of the leg. Apparently, the nervoussystem conveys a message to the muscles to inform them how theyshould manipulate the skeletal system (Muscolino, 2016). Quadricepsand hamstrings attach to the femur. Once the nervous system triggersthe muscles, they manipulate the bone as both the knee and the hipjoints move. At the same time, the head of the femur ball and sockethip joint, which is located at its proximal end, allows thefootballer to smoothly kick the ball while reinforcing the entirebody’s weight (Muscolino, 2016).


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