Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Jobs Committee

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SmallBusiness, Entrepreneurship and Jobs Committee

Thepurpose of the event was to promote small business andentrepreneurship development in the nation. Some of the issuesaddressed in the meeting included urban business growth initiativesand issues influencing current small business and entrepreneurship,and it was highlighted that young firms created more jobs compared tothe old firms. Young firms aged between zero and five years createdjobs with a net employment growth of about 8.6% while the older firmsaged more than five years shed more jobs that they do create. Fromthe report, about 71% of the entrepreneurs in Kansa City were made ofmicroenterprise, 25% main streets while 3% innovation led. The eventaccomplished its purpose because it analyzed some of the challengesfacing small and young entrepreneurs in the city and some of themeasures to go about them. Entrepreneurship development is a processthat involves the development of ideas and generating resources toput the idea into reality. The presentations and reports weremotivating and thus would result in increased small businessactivities in the city.

Theevent targeted all people living in Kansas City State to inculcatethe entrepreneurship culture in them. Various approaches toinformation dissemination and education were outlined including thesocial media platform to ensure all people in the city are reached.The report indicated that the city made progress in theentrepreneurial ecosystem and they were developing to become the mostentrepreneurial city in America. Therefore, they targeted all peopleto engage in productive activities and create small businesses tohelp achieve their goal. The event reached target audience because itwas covered in various social media platforms where people wouldwatch live. Also, the target audiences are reached through thecounseling and training sessions organized by the city’sleadership. The training and counseling are necessary for both thenew starters and people already with business and plan to expand.

Theevent was captivating, and it involves a comprehensive analysis ofthe factors influencing entrepreneurship development and measures toaddress them. I was impressed with the statistical data provided induring the event which gave a clue on the areas that need to beaddressed and improved on as well as those that are performing as perthe standard. Data on progress and the existing gaps were clearlyarticulated by the speakers, and this indicated how serious they werein developing entrepreneurship in the city.

Onthe other hand, the suggestions on how to improve capital disposal tothe public were not made. In as much as the committee may focus onproviding the training and counseling session they may not achievethe target without helping people get the starting capital. This isan aspect that I was least impressed with during the event.

Theevent can be improved by inviting many people to attend and providetheir opinions on the issues affecting their engagement in businessactivities. Inviting the common citizens will help the committee getsome information on the challenges experiences by the people at thegrass root level and develop necessary measures to address them. Suchevents are important for entrepreneurship development in a nation.The training and counseling should be carried out on a regular basisand encourage people to develop new and innovative ideas that willpropel the business ecosystem in the city to a higher notch.