Social Media in Career Development

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SocialMedia in Career Development




Withthe improvement in the technology sector and development of differentsocial media sites, social media has been seen as a primary tool thatis used by almost everybody to connect and unite people from all overthe world. Although social media is a useful tool even in a businessorganization where workers from the same organization are forminggroups for easier communications, different impacts are associatedwith the use of social media in the organizations. For example, asingle photo posted on a social media can give the company bothpositive and negative effects on how employers and employees vieweach other (Kelly, 2016).

Someof the major social medias commonly used are Twitter, Instagram,Facebook among others and the users are always encouraged to maintaintheir profile in a professional way by keeping their profile updatedand providing appropriate content. The significance of this in careerdevelopment is because currently, many employers are using socialmedia like Liked In for career developments.

Anotherimportance of social media in career development is by maintainingpersonal profiles on social media with relevant information andavoiding over saturations of information. The significance ofmaintaining the updated profile is by preventing misjudgments fromemployers and customers from what is posted in your social medias(Kelly, 2016).

Finally,with social media being used currently as a tool in businessadvertisement/marketing, it’s also good to note that personalprofiles can be used for the adverts and act as a source of careerdevelopment. For example, athletes and celebrities can company withbusiness firms and manufacturing firms to advertise their productsthat are believed is viewed by millions of their followers at lowcost within a short period.


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