Social policy `Obamacare and Trumpcare`

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Socialpolicy: ‘Obamacare and Trumpcare’

Socialpolicy: ‘Obamacare and Trumpcare’

AmongPresident Trump’s main campaign promises was to repeal theAffordable Care Act or ‘Obamacare’ (Oakland Press, 2017).However, less than a week ago, the House Speaker Paul Ryan reportedon the cancellation of the Obamacare Repeal Bill that was expected topass the GOP Healthcare bill, for lack of sufficient votes. Thispaper compares the key elements of healthcare coverage provided byObamacare against those contained in the president`s proposal to theCongress.

InACA, a person with a pre-existing condition cannot be denied orcharged higher for their health cover. This is expected to beretained in the Presidential proposal, however at a slightly highercost. The individual mandate that was used to impose an additionaltax to those that lack a health cover under Obamacare as incentivesto sign up will be eliminated in the Presidential proposal. Also,Under the ACA the people earning up to four times above the povertyline were to be assisted in purchasing their health cover. Trump carewill retain cost assistance but based on age and not income.Obamacare funds Medicaid by using a system that the federalgovernment guarantees at least an equal amount of the State`sspending on the program in an open-ended design (Oakland Press,2017).

Theproposal to Congress is expected to remove barriers to interstateinsurance activities. This will be achieved by regularizing theirbusiness environment across the country and thus allow forcompetition to overall reduce prices. Trump-care will dedicate a lumpsum funding to the state for Medicaid, for them to fund the programas they deem fit. Also, only healthcare expenses above 10 percent ofthe household income will be claimed as a tax deduction in Obamacare.This tax deduction will be fully claimable under the president`sproposal to Congress.

Inconclusion, the gains made by Obamacare in healthcare havestrengthened its position against the President’s proposal. Thisis also signified by the increased number of retained characteristicsin the new proposal including, the use of a health savings accountand price transparency among other. The cancellation of the vote alsoseconds the strength of Obamacare on coverage over the new proposal.


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