Social Psychology

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Thepost seeks to discuss what social change entails and its significancein a person’s life. The student has described this phenomenonthrough the perspective of an old man who was interviewed and askedabout an event that has brought a significant change in his life. Ifeel that the post is detailed and has provided a comprehensivedescription of the topic. The student has written three paragraphs,which demonstrates that he has covered most aspects of the subject. Iliked the author’s choice of the event that brought significantchange to the interviewee. I agree a civil war can alter the life ofa person and bring a permanent impact that can be felt later in life.The student can be credited for providing a historical analysis ofhow social change has taken place over the years. The decision to usean old man for the interview makes the post interesting as theinterviewee gives his view of what has happened over time.

Ienjoyed reading the post since the student provided a comparisonbetween their point of view and that of the grandpa. The student’sdefinition of what social change entails is different from that ofthe interviewee. While the grandpa relates social change to hispersonal experiences, the student equates the phenomenon to progress.By providing different viewpoints about the topic, the reader’sunderstanding is enhanced. I agree with Canales’ assertion thatchanges in the social world are concerned with how things areevolving and their potential to become a norm in the society (Massey,2016). I liked how the student has quoted authors who have writtenabout the topic. Although the post has many strengths, I disagreewith the student’s view change has to be accompanied bycompetition.


Massey,G. (2016). Waysof Social Change: Making Sense of Modern Times.Los Angeles: SAGE Publications, Inc.