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is the collaborative process through which people learn values, basicskills, belief systems, as well as the behavior patterns of a society(Chambliss &amp Eglitis, 2015). The socialization process isexceedingly vital because it plays an important role in determiningwho a person becomes in society. There are different agents ofsocialization, which include family, school, peers, and the media(Chambliss &amp Eglitis, 2015). Of these agents, the family isconsidered as a principal agent of socialization because of thecrucial role that it plays in the process. Families are responsiblefor an individual’s social placement. This means that families, asagents of socialization, are vital in the acquisition of rules ofbehavior and standards of functioning for individuals in society. Inmost of societies, the family in which a person becomes born plays asignificant part in influencing the roles, as well as statuses, thatone occupies in later life (Chambliss &amp Eglitis, 2015).

Thereare various ways in which my family socially prepared me for life.One of the ways in which the family socially prepared me for life isthe manner of dressing. It was the family that taught me the dressingcodes in the society and their meaning. Through this lesson, I was ina position to establish the meaning attached to the manner in which aperson dresses. The family also played a significant role in helpingme to understand the basic laws of the society. For instance, it wasthe family that taught me how the society treats those individualswho are unruly. In addition, the family was responsible for teachingme different habits such as the food habits in society. Learning ofthese habits was critical in understanding the culture of thesociety.


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