Sojourner Truth

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Anoverview of the history of women`s rights begs the question, `whydoes it take so long to allow women to freely and fairly enjoy theirrights?`. ` Why is the society so afraid of empowered women ?`Therights of women and their essence in the community have always beenswept under the carpet. It is no wonder in her famousspeeches addressed the issue of women rights

Inthe speech `Ain`t I A Woman`, Sojourner addresses the issue of womenbeing seen fragile and ought to be helped in each aspect of their dayto day activities (Childs &amp Truth, 2012). From time immemorial,women have been viewed as fragile creatures who are likely to breakunder a little pressure

Thedetractors of women, who in most cases are men always have a tendencyof taking the credit for the wellbeing of women, while in fact theyare the same people who oppress women. Sojourner asks if she is not awoman since no man helps her jump puddles or even gives her a betterplace yet, the society has got us thinking that women cannot do suchsimple tasks on their own without the `helping` hand of the men.

Intellectually,men and women cannot be said to be any different in the lines of sex.The society has a way of viewing women as being inferior to menintellectually yet clearly according to Sojourner, that is a fallacy.It is a stereotype that men use to hide from the ultimate truth andin the long run denying the women their rights.

Thefear that women may overshadow men once allowed to enjoy their rightsis an impetus for the men to deliberately deny women their rights .The society is all about maintaining the status quo ,totallydisregarding the growth of women.

Women`srights are time and time again forgotten, or in other words,neglected intentionally. In Sojourner`s speech,-Keeping the goingwhile things are stirring, she talks about taking advantage of thefact that the ice had cracked(Childs&amp Truth, 2012).

Bythe ice cracking Sojourner meant since the blacks had sort ofacquired freedom, it was a high time to talk about women`s rightssince if they let the talk of freedom die down, it will be hard tolight it up again. This shows clearly how easily the society forgetsor overlooks the rights of women. The rights of men were always takencare of leaving women at the mercy of men.

Thevoice of women is totally ignored, whereby they could not be heard ina court of law. Sojourn notes that if a woman is not fit to be heardin a court of law, then a man too has no right to be there too. Shesays that women are looked down upon simply because the messiah wasnot a man, she asks, were it not for a woman, would there have been aChrist in the first place? This tells everyone that both men andwomen need each other in equal terms for the roles they play in thesociety.

Thecontinued abuse of omens rights is majorly an undoing of the wholesociety. Historical portrayal of women as weal and fragile has donenothing to help the debate of women`s rights. The need of men tomaintain the status quo as being superior has seen the fight for therights of women being suppressed. For the women to fully enjoy andacquire their rights, the whole society needs to join hands in thefight, as the fight cannot be won by women only.


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