Soy-Dri Part 2

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Soy-Dri:Part 2

Soy-Dri:Part 2

Asa sales and marketing vice president, I have very manyresponsibilities that I have to ensure are running smoothly for theSoy-Dri company. I have been with the firm for six years now, and Ihave played a huge role in ensuring that products like Baby-Dri areconsumer friendly and are rolled out to users, strategically. I alsomaintain the relationship between the firm and the retailers ashealthy to guarantee that our products get the best positions in thechain discount stores.

Consideringall the three products perform the same task, but in a differentsetting, price differential among them has led to misuse. Slab-Dri ispurposively made to help clean oil spills in industrial buildingswhile Pet-Dri is supposed to be used in pet’s liter boxes to absorbbad odor. Baby Dri had its absorption abilities reduced to make itfriendly to human skin – baby skin. An increase in consumer misuseof these three products may result in product recall possibilities.The first step is to develop a recall manual that details the stepsthe firm should take in case of a product recall (Cleeren,Van Heerde &amp Dekimpe, 2013).Another solution would be to ensure that there’s clear labeling oneach container of these products showing the ‘dos and do not`s’and provide clear instruction on how to use the product. This way ifa consumer misuses the product, the firm is absolved of any liabilityin case of litigations. If such a case is not handled properly,Soy-Dri may lose very loyal consumers of the two products with thehigher profit margins.

Accordingto the CEO, the products are not faulty, only that, consumers areusing them for other unintended functions. This poses a risk for theuser – either the pet or a baby. Getting hold of the rightstakeholders to address the issue is crucial (Cleeren,Van Heerde &amp Dekimpe, 2013).The stakeholders will be used to convey the message further to theconsumers. By handling the misuse of these products beforehand, thefirm ensures its credibility is maintained to its stakeholders.Informing the major product distributors such as Wal-Mart, Target,and other supermarkets, on the misuse of the products too will helpquell any ethical issues that may result.

Soy-Driwill make it easy for distributors and retailer to communicate onwhat is going on at the customer level. The CEO admitted that it wasone of the retailers that brought to light the misuse issue. Thedistributor even showed a link of a blogger who was giving examplesof other uses for the Pet-Dri product as well as the Slab-Driproduct. Among our core mandates as a company, the safety of theconsumer should always be the priority at all times (Cleeren,Van Heerde &amp Dekimpe, 2013).Ample research should be done on the other ways that consumers areusing the products. This is aimed at finding out if they are viableand can be adopted as new uses for the product or innovations into anew product-line may be necessary.

Inconclusion, it has become very common for consumers to use productsfor purposes that the products were not intended. This may end upwith great negative results especially if the product is toxic. Sincethe product has not yet being recalled, the firm can just preparecontingencies that will help educate consumers on the proper usage ofthe product to avoid negative effects. After doing the research, thefirm might discover that the misuses’ are new ways that the productcan find application, which may give birth to new product lines.Maintaining an open mind while looking for solutions will greatlyhelp in over-seeing the creation of new marketing strategies for theproducts.


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