Springfield Community Health Department Visit

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SpringfieldCommunity Health Department Visit

SpringfieldCommunity Health Department Visit

SpringfieldVA, WIC is a nonprofit organization with district offices inVirginia. The mission of Springfield VA organization is to protect,endorse, and advance the quality of life. The organization wasestablished in 1917. The Springfield WIC program serves women,infants as well as children. The Springfield community healthdepartment serves an approximate number of seventy families on aweekly basis (Odoms-Young, Kong,Schiffer, Porter, Blumstein, LBess, &amp Fitzgibbon,2014). Approximately, around one hundred and sixty people are servedin a week. An aggregate of nearly ten Spanish families are served inthe community health program.

Duringmy time at the community health department, I provided healthscreening services and nutritional counseling to lactating mothers. Ialso assisted in the distribution of food nutritional packages.Moreover, I made nursing diagnosis concerning children. The outcomewas that most of the children had imbalanced nutrition and werepoorly fed. They had poor feeding patterns, and this resulted inmalnutrition. For nursing intervention, I provided health educationto the mothers on effective ways of feeding their children. I advisedthem on balanced nutrition and proper diet patterns by regularlyfeeding their children.

Asthe program manager of WIC program, I would introduce changes in thenutritional sector to fix educative and informative sessions meant toeducate the women on feeding patterns. This would be of great help tocurb the problem of imbalanced nutrition (Odoms-Young etal.,2014). My best part of the day during the visit was interacting withthe children alongside their mothers. I reflect back on how someparents shared their experiences on how they struggle to ensure theirchildren have proper health. Springfield serves a sizeablepopulation, which is possible to manage, and hence promotes ahealthier community.


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