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Managementfunctions at McDonald`s

Managementfunctions at McDonald`s

Ipreviously worked at McDonald`s and can confirm that fast foodrestaurant chains have interesting practices when it comes tofunctions of management. Located in Oak Brook, Illinois, the businessorganization works to ensure that all functions of management areclosely monitored to attract more customers, retain loyal ones andmake enough profits that promote smooth running and administration ofthe company.

SteveEasterbrook is the chief executive officer of McDonald`s, andtogether with other top-level management officials, he emphasizesthat for the management of the business to be efficient andeffective, all functions of management need to work hand in hand. Forthat reason, the CEO implies that there is proper coordination in theplanning, staffing, leading, organizing and controlling managementpractices of McDonald`s a strategy that makes the business have acompetitive advantage and remain relevant in the market.

Duringmy time at McDonald`s, there was proper coordination of all themanagement functions something that brought supernormal profits tothe company and retained several customers. For instance, thestaffing function at McDonald`s comprises of several activities suchas recruiting and employment of new employees for different jobpositions depending on job vacancies available (Marquis &amp Huston,2009). The staffing management functions at the company involveconducting interviews with various applicants who are shortlistedafter screening is done, and the recruiting process is over. Duringthe interviews, mostly business and management questions are asked toassess if the interviewees truly hold the qualifications written ontheir curriculum vitae.

Hiringcomes after the interviews after the most qualified applicants areselected for the job positions that they applied. Then, there is theorientation stage where the newly recruited employees are inductedand briefed on what is required of them when serving in various jobpositions (Marquis &amp Huston, 2009). For example, if it is awaiter, the individual is shown around the premises for the purposeof familiarizing with the place. The waiter is also briefed on thefoods provided and their prices just in case a customer asks withoutlooking at the menu.

Thestaffing process of McDonald`s also involves staff developmentwhereby the welfare of employees is taken into considerationregarding shelter and health. Immediately a new employee iscomfortable with the company and has made several friends in theworkplace, employee socialization and team building are carried outto achieve the company goal as a collective responsibility.


Leadingis a sensitive management functions at McDonald`s as it entailsresponsibilities of human resource available at the fast foodrestaurant chain. Just like a leader in the real world, employeeleaders at McDonald`s include supervisors, managers and any othersenior employee available at the workplace during open hours. Forinstance, supervisors and general managers at McDonald`s are requiredto motivate junior employees such as the waiters, security personneland newly employed workers (Marquis &amp Huston, 2009). Also,employee leaders have an obligation to manage any form of conflict ordisagreement that may arise at the workplace during work hours. Insuch a situation, where there arises a misunderstanding between awaitress and a secretary, then it is the responsibility of thesupervisor, general manager or any other senior employee available tocome in, and solve the conflict. Managing of conflict by employeeleaders at McDonald`s requires the use of wits as the leader isrequired to take the involved parties to a private office away fromother employees or customers, and talk to both of them.

Aswell, the top management level of McDonald`s requires that leaders atthe restaurant delegate duties when it is required. For instance, ifit is the shift of the general manager to move around to see ifproper cleanliness has been done before opening the restaurant thegeneral manager can delegate the duty to the supervisor. Thesupervisor can move around to confirm that thorough cleanliness hasbeen achieved. The supervisor may also decide delegate the same dutyto the head of servers.

Theleading management practice at McDonald`s at some point may requirethe leaders to communicate and facilitate collaboration. Regardingcommunication, the leaders are expected to hold regular meetings forjunior employees to be reminded of what they need to do, where theymay have done wrong or to be updated on any future changes to theusual program of the restaurant (Marquis &amp Huston, 2009). In thiscase, the supervisor or general manager may meet servers, securitypersonnel, the secretary, and other junior subordinate staff once aweek to talk about the progress of the company. Also, the chiefexecutive officer as the overall leader may call for a meetingmostly, such meetings occur during annual general meetings (AGM).Through excellent communication during the meetings, collaborationamong workers is strongly enhanced, and the employees work in unityto achieve organizational goals and objectives of McDonald`s.


Asthe Chief Executive Officer, Steve Easterbrook emphasizes that thereis a need for proper controlling of every business activity thattakes place at the hamburger and fast food restaurant. For instance,with the help of the board and top-level management officials,Easterbrook ensures that performance appraisal is conducted to knowthe hardworking employee and the least performing ones (Marquis &ampHuston, 2009). During the appraisal, good performing employees arerewarded with either promotion, prizes among other things that maymotivate an employee. Also, during controlling of the restaurant, thetop level management undertakes moral and legal control to regulatethe behavior of employees at the workplace. Through moral and legalcontrol, workers at McDonald`s need to maintain high professionalismand behave according to the accepted code of conduct that includesbeing respectful, courteous, kind, generous and careful with eachother.

McDonald`salso engages in fiscal accountability as part of controllingfunctions since as a public company, it is of vital importance forthe restaurant to earn the trust of its employees as well ascustomers. There is also quality control as a controlling function atMcDonald`s since every employee at every job position needs todeliver regarding working hard and complying with rules andregulations of the organization. Through quality control, themanagement of McDonald`s ensures that high-quality services andproducts are delivered at the restaurant. As well, there isprofessional and collegial control as part of the controllingfunction of management at McDonald`s. Through professional andcollegial control, junior and senior employees at the restaurant areexpected to respect each other as well as being each other`s, keeper.This ensures that they co-exist in peace and harmony to achieveMcDonald`s organizational goals.


AtMcDonald`s, organizing mainly involves the establishment of thestructure of carrying out plans. The plans may include cleaning,arranging chairs and tables and other furniture used by customersduring their time at the restaurant as well as coming up with theorder in which food will be served (Marquis &amp Huston, 2009).Also, organizing as a management function at McDonald`s involvesgrouping activities to meet unit goals. In such a case, things can beorganized from preparing food to serving customers and finally to thecompany making profits. Since the main objective of a businessorganization is to make a profit, McDonald`s also organizes andgroups activities to make money right from preparing hamburgers andfast foods to selling them to customers at a profitable price.

Otheractivities of organizing function at McDonald`s include workingwithin the structure of the organization to achieve organizationalgoals. Just like any other business, McDonald`s requires itsemployees to work within the guidelines and regulations that itprovided to the employees immediately after employment. The structureof McDonald`s only requires each employee to specialize in his or herindividual job position so that in the end, the common goal of theorganization is realized.

Also,through the organizing function, McDonald`s requires its employees tounderstand as well as use power and authority appropriately. Forexample, the supervisor should not be so hard on the secretary or anyof his/her juniors. On the same note, the general manager or chiefexecutive officer of McDonald`s is not required to abuse their powerby unfairly commanding their junior employees to improve in areas oftheir weaknesses.


Inmost cases, when McDonald`s plans, it comes up with a course ofaction to achieve the issue that triggered the plan. Also, at therestaurant, planning may entail establishing procedures, policies,philosophy, objectives, and rules that may help the businessorganization solve various issues affecting the smooth running andmanagement (Marquis &amp Huston, 2009). Through coming up with clearobjectives and rules, the exact thing that needs to be achieved ismade open and thus becomes achievable.

Atsome point, when McDonald`s engages in planning, it carries out bothshort and long range projections that are aimed at forecasting orspeculating what may happen in the near future so that the businessorganization adjusts its plan appropriately. Sometimes, planning atMcDonald`s may involve managing planned change so that the change isimplemented and its positive results work for the growth anddevelopment of the company in general.

Inconclusion, McDonald`s pays close attention to every aspect of itsmanagement functions of planning, organizing, controlling, staffingand leading. Through the CEO, Steve Easterbrook and the top levelmanagement of the company, all these management functions work incoordination to ensure that a common unit and organizational goal isachieved. Just like any other profit organization, McDonald`s aims atmaking enough profits, make more sales each new day, attract morecustomers as well as retain as many customers as possible. Also,through coordinating the various functions of management, McDonald`sunites its employees both at the top level of management andsubordinate staff to achieve one organizational goal. As well,through management functions such as controlling and directing,professionalism and ethical standards of employees at McDonald`s areimproved.


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