Standards and Assessment

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Standardsand Assessment

Standardsand Assessment

Therehas been a great need to reform the education sector to mirror therequirements, dynamics, and requirements in the current globalsetting. In the U.S, the education sector has undergone tremendousgrowth due to multiple reforms. Nonetheless, challenges, which havenecessitated for the formulation of better policies and legislations,have emerged. Passed in 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act(ESSA) aims at reforming the K–12 public education system. The lawincreased the role of the state governments in matters concerningpublic education. The passage of the bill was a significant steptowards improving accountability. The federal and stateadministrations have a role to ensure that every student acquireseducation. The law targets students from all walks of life (Martin,Sargrad, &amp Batel, 2016).

Thesisstatement: The ESSA is one of the K-12 public education policiesthat enhanced the responsibility of the federal government onensuring that every student acquires valuable education.

Presently,the role of federal government in both elementary and secondaryeducation has reduced to helping schools attend to the specific needsof students in any given state. The ESSA requires an annualstandardized testing for the students at the federal level, althoughthe accountability provisions have been shifted to the states. Inparticular, students will undertake annual tests between third andeighth grade. The law offers an opportunity for schools to enhancethe outcomes of all students irrespective of their abilities. Thestate regimes are required to create appropriate policies that willaddress standards, assessments, and accountability within schools. Itis also expected that the struggling schools and students will getspecial attention from the federal administration (Martin, Sargrad, &ampBatel, 2016).

Inconclusion, the ESSA provides an opportunity to address existing gapsin the acquisition of education among students. The duties of boththe state and federal governments are clear as the functions forevery stakeholder is well stipulated. The fresh legislation will playa crucial role in addressing the educational requirements in linewith the changing global dynamics.


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