Statement of Need

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Statementof Need

Statementof Need

Thereis an increasein the number of women and children who have beenreportedas homeless in the cityof Waterbury. Most of these are victims of low-incomefamilieswith violence making them run to the street for rescue. However,there are numerous unanticipated challenges in the streets includingrape cases, violence,and poor weather conditions. As such, the women and children cannotsurvive in such environments. Statistics indicate that thisvulnerable population continues to increase in the city of Waterburycalling for more funding to help in dealing with the vulnerablepopulation. Although some homes are available, there lacksexceptional service that allows complete integration of the victimsin the society and restoration of normal life (Halfon&amp Klee, 2015).Sadly, other homes only have limited accommodation and care afterwhich the victims have to look for other alternatives.

Themandate of Heavenly Hands is to ensure that the women and children inthe streets are safe and taken care of within our premises. Byproviding food and shelter, some of the necessities,this population is protected from the dangers of the street. Indeed,our organization has ensured that victims of violence found in thestreets areidentifiedand absorbed as soon as possible to allow themtoexperience psychological and physical healing. Thisis an important part of the objectives of Heavenly Hand as healingthe mind is the first path to physical recovery. Our twenty-sevenyears in service has increased our expertise in dealing with thechildren and women through programs that allow psychosocial skillsareregained.While some homeless shelters existin the Waterbury for emergency cases, Heavenly Hands ensures that thevictims receive the best care without a limit on the length of stay.Schooling for the young children is part of the plan toensure thatthese young ones receive an educationlike their age mates.

Thereis a needfor a solution that involves not only rescuing the women and childrenfrom the streets but also helping them lead normallives. Heavenly Hands is dedicated to ensuringthat this dream isachievedin the city of Waterbury. However, the limited funds that we receivefrom well-wishers and partner organizations are not enough to helpmeet all these needs. Despite these constraints,the teamhas continued to offer shelter and food to the best of our capacitywhile applying for grants from other companies to achieve our dream.As such, a boost from the American Trust Fund Limited would be bothtimely and resourceful to help in the acquisitionof more bed spaces and beddings for the increasing number of womenand children seeking shield in our organization. The expansion willallow the accepted capacity to beincreasedensuring that no woman or child in the street is left to suffer forlack of shelter and food (Halfon&amp Klee, 2015).Similarly, the funds will boost the food supply to provide nutritiousfeeding of the vulnerable by employing more staff to help in theservice. The needs of individual victims especially those who havebeen subject to rape or violence will be meet through counseling asthe funds willcontribute to supportthis department. In the long run, the trusted activities of HeavenlyHands will continue to impact more women and children even in thenext generation as a form of community and human service. Thisstatement of need hopefully explains the current situation and impactof this project to the community (Geever, 2012).


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