Straightjacket Customer Service

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StraightjacketCustomer Service

Typeof award to help increase class participation

Asthe employee relationship manager for the class, award fordistinction in class activities will really motivate the students.Award for distinction will recognise distinguished participations ofindividual students to different class events.

Typeof award to help increase the overall average on exams

Oneof the award to help increase overall average on exams is the awardof merit and include recognising excellence for exams performances(Baltzanand Amy 321).Such awards may be in the form of books among other learning aids andspecifically aim encouraging positive performances.

Typeof award to help increase student collaboration

Collaborationawards to outstanding groups of students who collaborate effectivelyon permanent basis to establish greater impact during learning is arequisite. This may include material prizes such as free food andbooks to outstanding groups of students. The primary objective isencouraging positive performances and consistency.

Typeof metrics relevant in measuring the awards

Oneof the metric that is relevant in measuring awards is accessing thecompetitiveness of the students. This include exploring the classeffectiveness and efficiency in grasping important points. Anotherimportant metric is ascertaining that the desired outcome is attained(Baltzanand Amy 321).For example, the stipulated outcome maybe an increase individualperformances.

Howa CRM system would help in the implementation of the stipulatedawards

Effectiveimplementation of the stipulated awards will similarly requireeffective customer relationships which is a critical aspect ofbusiness productivity (Baltzanand Amy 321).This entail ensuring the every individual draws positive experiencesfrom their varied interactions. Through the awards, students arelikely to have repeat of positive performances and behaviour and evenencourage others to follow suit.


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