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Strategicplanning: case of CocaCola Company

Strategic planning concept

Strategicplanning is the science of defining the vision and objectives of theorganization and how to achieve them in the long-run. It clearlyoutline the guidelines for achieving such vision usually between 3 –5 years. The organization is puts down its strategic planningconcepts in a strategic plan document that serves the purpose ofreference charter for guiding the organization towards achieving itsobjectives. This paper will try to expound on the strategic plansemployed by the Coca cola Company to maintain their business throughpublic shares. However, the performance of the Coca cola share willbe dependent on the nature of strategies adopted by the Coca colacompany (Irelandet al., 2008).

CocaCola Business Niche

TheCoca Cola Company is an international company that has developed itsmarket niche globally. It has developed its products that areaccepted and recognized globally. Moreover, the company is in thesales of its shares that are open for the public as well forinternational purchase through direct stock purchase or reinvestingthe dividends (Gillespie&amp Hennessey 2011).&nbsp

TheCoca Cola Company has developed its market positioning throughwell-calculated strategic plans. Unlike other soft drinks, companylike Pepsi, Coca Cola Company has adopted a one-brand strategy. Thisstrategy entails focusing on one time global campaign aimed atextending the equity and iconic appeal of No. 1 world best beverageCoca Cola brands. Some of the campaigns launched by the Coca colaCompany include “Taste the feeling”, ‘open Happiness” amongothers.

Objectivesof the New Strategy

Accordingto the company Chief Marketing Officer, Marcos de Quinto, whilelaunching the ‘one brand’ approach during a media function atParis said it highlights the commitments of the company to customerchoices and preference. More specifically, the ‘taste the feelingcampaign’ was aimed at creating a pleasure feeling of Coca Colaproducts. On the other hand, the ‘open happiness’ was to bringinto perspective what the brands stood for in the past seven years.

Newstrategy Influencing factors

Thecoca cola company has a variety of products manufacture depending onthe preferences of the customers, economic status and healthconditions. This has become a strength for the company since it caneasily meet the satisfaction of various customers with pleasure. Bythe fact that Coca Cola is a multinational company, it opens up newopportunities to market their products through one strategy approach.However, the Coca Cola Company has been in the recent past beenvictimized for unhealthy products that facilitate. Coupled withconstant stiff competition from numerous soft drink companies. Thisweaknesses and threat prompted the Coca Cola Company to be aggressivein its marketing. The involvement of the media while launching suchstrategies as ‘one strategy’ approach help boost their marketingof the various brands of soft drinks they offer. It is factual thatthe company has heavily invested in the marketing of its soft drinkswhich has resulted to the increased sales volume of the company. Thecompany has largely depended on the media marketing strategy as itsgreat strength for penetrating into the market.

Keyassumptions about the future

CocaCola Company had a vision of a society having an emotional touch withtheir products. The launched one-strategy approach assumed that atthe end of the campaign, the society will be more determined to usethe soft drinks due to their emotional attachment. The companyassumes that everyone in the market segment will embrace the pleasureand make a purchase. In the long run, they assume the market toexpand which will also translate to the increased profitability andcompetitive advantage in the industry (Marcus,2005).

Thestrategy components

CocaCola Company has used its tactic of ‘one strategy’ approachglobally. This is of importance since it fosters harmony within thetrademark. The launching usually involves using the native languageto express through message to identify the approach with thedifferent social groups. Most often, the anthem used is translated tothe native language of the market segment.

Roleof Entrepreneurship

Allstrategies implemented by the Coca Cola Company are all pointing toincrease of performance. They undertake such campaigns to markettheir products by introducing a new perspective on the product in theminds of customers.

Witha comprehensive strategic plan to boost marketing efficiency like theuse of one strategy approach promotes marketing of the productsoffered by the company. This will results to improve purchase of theCoca cola shares and overall profitability.


In conclusion, strategic plan isvery important in guiding and maintaining the company towardachieving its objective. The simple strategy of the Coca Cola hasenable it to penetrate into the market and increase its overallsales. Like any other company, having a winning approach is the firststep to success. Let the companies take their time to articulate thelong term strategic plan that is universal to all branches andentails marketing aspect of their products to realise salesimprovement.


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