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NicoleHensley in an article found in the New York Daily News reports a casewhere a New York Police Department`s detective was found masturbatingwhile looking through a child`s window. Hensley does not reportwhether or not the child was naked. Hence, detective Francis couldnot be accused of being a pedophilia. Following the arrest, detectiveFrancis was suspended without pay. Hensley also says that the policein the Nassau County village are investigating three other cases ofpublic lewdness. One of the incident under the investigation occurredon February 5thwhile the other two took place on 27thof the same month. According to eyewitness testimony, the suspect inthe three incidents was five feet ten inches tall, weighed 220pounds, and was most likely white. The eye witness was naked from thewaist down and had with him either a forehead light or flashlight(Hensley).

DetectiveFrancis was arrested by Rockville Center Police and was charged withthe crime of public lewdness also known as indecent exposure. Publiclewdness refers to the act of exposing one’s genitals in anon-private space for the purpose of sexual gratification. For aperson to be found guilty of the charge of indecent exposure, theprosecutor must prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the accusedintended to sexually arouse him/herself in a public space (“NewYork Indecent Exposure”). In New York, public lewdness is a ClassB Misdemeanor. Under the New York laws, private parts do not includebreast which means that a woman cannot be charged with the crime ofpublic lewdness if she breastfeeds in a public park. If detectiveFrancis will be found guilty of the crime of public lewdness, he mayend up being sentenced to 3 months in prison. He may also be forcedto pay up to $ 500 (“New York Indecent Exposure”).

Inconclusion, detective Francis is accused of exposing his privateparts in a public space with the intention of masturbating. If he isfound guilty of the crime of public lewdness, he may be sentenced forthree months and forced to pay a fine of up to $ 500.


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