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The pursuit of happiness is a drama film about life adventures ofChris Gardner`s struggle with being homeless and his pursuit of love,success, and the American dream. Gabriele Muccino directs the film.Chris lives in San Francisco. In 1981, the great salesman who lovedhis family so much decided to invest the family savings into buyingsome medical equipment called &quotbone-density scanners.&quot Theapparatus were so expensive in fact, twice as expensive as theX-rays though they would perform the same function. In the end, theventure collapses with the entire family savings, annoyed by Chris`sstupid move, his wife Linda moves out. Homeless and without money,Chris together with the son now have no means to survive. Ferociouslydetermined to be the best father, he enrolls in a non-payinginternship in a Stock brokerage firm. In the end, he gets thefull-time coveted post he had always desired, and the manager giveshim a 5-dollar note as promised (Myers &amp Diener, 70).

Communicationis key to achieving any successful sales process. Without efficientinterpersonal concepts for communication, a relationship andfriendship cannot surface. Friendship is a key aspect ofcommunication Chris turns out friendly and willing to open up. Chrisemploys the self-disclosure communication method to be able to gaintrust from an investor (DeVito255-264).He appears to be characterized by mutual positivity in the interviewand believes if he shares his story of the arrest he will gainconsideration. He again went through to paint from the police stationthat explained his improper dressing. He believes that being openwill ensure he will earn favor and get the sale.

Chrisis a great salesman but attempting to make a deal with an investor onhis bone density scanners. Right from the beginning, he employsinterpersonal communication to have success. Most of the people Christries to lure to make a purchase are showing reverse patterns ofmutual relationship creation (DeVito255-264).They look more for the differences embodying them than thesimilarities. Friendships and relationships alike require mutualperspectives and have different needs that they could associate with.Chris is looking for someone who can create mutual trust, as herequires security, stimulation and an ego support to take thebusiness to greater heights.

Hehas a beautiful family consisting of his wife and son, and the scriptsuggests they had a brighter past. The family relation can beenhanced with the different characteristics that define a family asexplained by (DeVito255-264).First, within every family, it is common to have defined roles thatare as a result of culture or as a mode and agreeable method betweencouples. Linda does not like the fact that Chris is not working andshe has to assume his role. Linda has to work day and night to makeends meet as Chris tries to make sales but fails to make any.Secondly is the recognition of responsibilities. Linda expected Christo recognize his responsibilities, and make a separate kind of effort(DeVito255-264).

Lastly,Linda has to leave Chris since the past they had an interest in hadchanged. She did not share in the future Chris had seen. The couplewas not able to communicate with a lot of differentiation inideologies. The movie embodies communication concepts and theoriesthat were available through its entirety. The relationship that Chrisbuilds with his son is based on trust, and Chris is instilling hisfuture within his son and they understand each other. He strives tobe a role model to his son.


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RichardL. Scott

Americanelection primaries for party nominations will be held on 28thAugust 2018. General elections come every November years that areeven numbered. The next general elections will be held on November6th,2018. Governor Richard L. Scott won elections in 2010 and 2014respectively. He is the current Governor for the state of Florida.This paper further talks about when he was first elected, whether hewas re-elected or not and when that happened and what he is mostknown for.

The45thgovernor of Florida State is Rick Scott and has been in the seatsince 2011. Scott’s main focus in his campaign and manifesto is tocreate jobs. Scott began his gubernatorial bid in 2009 with theinception of ‘Conservatives for Patients’ Rights’ (CPR). Themovement was a bid to impact pressure for a healthcare law by theDemocrats. In the 2010 elections, using the Republican Partynomination, Scott ran in a competitive bid to win against Alex Sinkof the Democrats (&quotRichardL. Scott – Florida Department of State&quot).Scott obtained a clear 47% of the total votes cast and won by 1.29%.Scott made another re-election bid in the 2014 elections. He won theelections by 64,000 votes to beat Charlie Crist.

Jobsand Tourism

DuringScott’s entrepreneurship times, he developed a strong reputationfor success, offered affordable healthcare and created jobs. Sincehis tenure began, Florida has been ranked as the 3rdbest state in offering employment opportunities (&quotGov.Scott Talks Jobs in Tallahassee&quot).Recently Scott launched the “Fight for Jobs” campaignstreamlining the tourism sector as a major job and revenue creatorfor the state.

(Bousquet1)Explains that recently, Corcoran, a former Republican has made Scottand his policies his target of criticism. Corcoran has elaboratefindings that indicate corrupt and oppressive deals. He highlightedincentives paid to Herts Company to ensure they come to Florida. Hehas cited loopholes in the Enterprise Florida and wants it abolishedsince inequality embodies it.


Scottis well known for serving people even before he got into office. Hisline of interest and activity was in health care acquisitions thatled him to learn how to serve patients better. Throughout since hecame to the limelight, Scott developed a reputable legacy in theprovision of quality health care (&quotRichardL. Scott – Florida Department of State&quot).Though Scott has been influential and at the center of thedevelopment in Florida, it is time to experience change.


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