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Transnationalismis defined as an economic progression which entails the internationalreorganization of the methods of production in which at each stage ofthe production can be done in any country with an objective ofminimizing the cost involved in a production.

Transnationalismcan also be called globalization. In the article given, De Sotofocuses on how people in search of greener pastures move to the urbancenters from their rural homes. Their main objective is to findbetter employment and vast opportunities to explore. Leaving theirhomes means that they have to sell part of their property so as toget the money that they will be used during the journey. When theseindividuals go into the cities and begin as entrepreneurs, majorityof them are locked out due to capitalization. This raises thequestion, why do they travel to urban cities yet they will beeventually be locked out? Additionally, De Soto tries to explain thecondition that is necessary for one to own a property eitherdomestically or in a foreign country. Many people have vastproperties yet they do not have the legal documents that give fullproof of the ownership of the property. In the article given, thereis a farmer who owns approximately a hundred hectares of land whichhas existed from since they were born. In the current world, De Sotoelucidates that, one should have documents that proof the property isused. This is because at one moment anybody can come and reclaim it.In the event an individual lacks the documents, the property will betaken away. The major problem that is affecting people exhibited inthe article is poverty and insufficient awareness. This has led themto live in abject ignorance

Whenwe look closely at De Soto`s work it`s clear to rule out thecontradictions, in my view, he should have focused on the life of thenatives and not of the immigrants. In my opinion, if he were basinghis work on the effects of the economy on the people and the lack ofequality in the country the use of natives would be more appropriateas they don`t only pay taxes but deserve to be included development


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