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UnitedStates Foreign Policy

Atthe moment, the United States is a global power, because its militarypowers both on air, land and sea are present on every part of theworld. This is as a result of changes in global policies. It is alsotrue that the economic powers of the United States act as a fuel fortrade and industry. This paper aims at determining the changes in theAmerican society and the United States foreign policy after the 20thcentury.

TheUnited States foreign policy was developed in the 20thcentury as a result of geography and political position. Thepresidents who ruled during those periods aimed at preventing anyother country from dominating Asia and Europe, which were strategicpowers. This led to the several wars including the cold war whichfinally brought a collapse of the Soviet Union and hence the targetsof United States policy were met (Gilensand Benjamin 564).This foreign American policy helped America and its friends in Europein coming up with a peaceful and Europe which was undivided. This wasthrough the creation of the European Union which was a historicalevent. At the moment, the United States foreign policy has ensuredthat there is no other power which can threaten Europe and Asia. Infuture, the United States foreign policy will be based onglobalization and politics as opposed to geographical location of thepartners.

Thesustainability of America in terms of security is remarkable becausethere is no other nation which has such a huge budgetary spending indefense as it does. It has also emerged the top in terms of economicdevelopment due to embracing information technology. But America isstill facing competition economically from China and Russia, althoughthey are yet to set up their politics to be in line with economicgrowth. Now, there have been issues where Europe views as ifWashington is interested in their resources, creating fear ofbreaking up the relationship.

Itshould however be noted that in the 20thcentury, America struggles to expand their boundaries so that couldgive a definition to their foreign policies. This United Statespolicy was on whether America should needed to offer interventionabroad in order to protect the lives of other people or whether itwas to protect Americans only.

Theimpacts of the United States foreign policy in the 20thcentury have led into increased unnecessary wars in the world up tothe present times. This would call for a feeling that America needsto stay out of global affairs which do not directly involve them sothat peace can be arrived at easily. The American powers help them totake they interests freely, which calls for the United States foreignpolicy to get ways of strengthening their position as a global superpower (Bove,Leandro and Petros 564).Furthermore, the United States foreign policy needs to be a leader inmaking international institutions which can handle various issuesthat arise as a result of globalization. Its position as a globalleader does not need to be because America is the only country thatcan help, but because it might suffer more if it does not actpromptly to keep international peace.

Inconclusion, the period of the 20thcentury made remarkable achievements to the international communityand were geared towards making America the only powerful nationglobally. With increasing global politics, the United States foreignpolicy should be able to promote order globally and integrate theworld in a western order.


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