Study plan for NCLEX

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Studyplan for NCLEX

Studyplan for NCLEX

The National Council Licensure Examination presents the final hurdlein becoming a fully registered nurse. In preparing for this exam, thefirst step will involve an analysis of my individual performanceprofile to identify the areas of weaknesses. Notably, more time willbe dedicated to safety and infection control, reduction of risk,pharmacological and parenteral therapies as well as basic carecomfort.

This study plan begins two months to the exam, which allows me tohave ample time to go through all the course materials. Havingcollected all the study materials, I will be dedicating 5 hours aday, three days in a week to reviewing the course topics. Startingwith sections that present more challenges, working on each at a timewill improve masterly. Following completion of each reading section,I will also undertake practice questions in addition to reading allthe rationales.

This study will also be reinforced by NCLEX masterly test questionswhich will be undertaken each week after completing a particularsection. Interweaving study and some relaxing activities such assports will also help in relieving stress and anxiety. Moreimportantly, the studying hours will be spaced between everydayroutines to allow the brain to create varied memory traces. Inaddition to individual study, I will also join a study group so as toenhance my areas of weaknesses. Dedicating 3 hours every week forstudy group will play a critical part in reinforcing positiveassociations as well as strengthening on each other weaknesses.

This study will also provide time for retaking the ATI RNcomprehensive assessment to monitor progress one week before theexam. This will identify areas that need final reinforcement. Thefinal week will on the other hand be devoted to relieving anxietythrough reciting key ideas and resting.