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Ina personal heath record (PHR) the information and data related to thecare of a patient is maintained by patients (Shetty,2012). The PHRprimary role is providing comprehensive, accurate summary ofpatient’s medical history that can be accessed online. The ethnicand socioeconomic backgrounds that patients come from are differentthus varying reaction should be expected on the education methods onsecurity and PHR maintenance. The techniques used in creating theawareness should ensure ease of use, accessibility, comprehensivenessand data security. They may be taught through methods such as videoeducation, demonstration, written material or computer-aidedteaching.

Effectivelearning techniques should have evaluation and documentation. Observereturn demonstration is a technique where a patient is watched whileperforming tasks after being taught to confirm if the procedure isfollowed. After the process, questions could be allowed on areas thatneed more elaboration. For instance, patients could be asked torecord blood pressure, blood glucose and weight under supervision.Most people believe that medical information should be completelyconfidential. Even though some incidences like HIV status and sexuallife of a teenager should not be disclosed, a patient could respondto treatment fast by understanding his/her health condition better.One of the best ways to overcome biased thinking is by giving thepatients a chance to challenge your ideas, give opinions andsolutions.


Thefrugal IS design that can be used in building a resilient system thatworks to ensure data recovery in case there is a disaster (Bhattipg.11). It was efficiently functional in the Northern JapanEarthquake. The internet of things could also be utilized for thispurpose. While frugal IS design is preferable because of itscharacteristics such as uniqueness, and unison, IoT is known todemand the enhancement of data security and increase data breaches bya factor of 10. IoT can also protect its information by introducingpsychological and physical risks into the system. CriticalInfrastructure Cyber Defense Model involves adequate publicpartnership that plays a big role in its cyber defense success. Itscompetence is evident in collaborative and systematic exercises.

Duringa health information failure, I would recommend Frugal IS design inrecovering and protecting electronic and personal health records. Some of the best points that make it great under disaster occurrenceinclude universality, uniqueness, ubiquity and unison. Universalityis the initiative to overcome friction in the information system,while unison, is concerned with data consistency. Ubiquity enablesinformation access without restraining of time or space, anduniqueness is the drive to know the characteristics and location ofpeople and entities accurately.


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